04 November 2013

Cover Reveal: Being Kali by Rebecca Berto

Being Kalli by Rebecca Berto
Release Date: December 2013
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Synopsis: Kalli Perkins makes it habit of shutting her mouth, except to please a guy. She would say she goes off like a starved animal in bed, but Kalli doesn’t have sex in beds. She does it in hallways, in parks, in parties. She comes as a package deal.

Great sex. No strings attached. Never alone together; always in public.

One night at a party, Kalli makes a bet with her friend, Nate, that could change everything. But she didn’t count on him. Nate’s very capable of satisfying her, not only under her clothes, but in her heart, too.

She just doesn’t know it yet.
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Meet The Author:

Rebecca Berto writes stories about love and relationships. She gets a thrill when her readers are emotional reading her books, and gets even more of a kick when they tell her so. She's strangely imaginative, spends too much time on her computer, and is certifiably crazy when she works on her fiction.

Rebecca Berto lives in Melbourne, Australia with her boyfriend and their doggy.

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