30 October 2012

Moonlight and Oranges Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway

Good morning my awesome followers! Today Comfort Books is participating in the Moonlight and Oranges by Elise Stephens tour hosted by AToMR Tours and our host is Leisha! I have a promo post for you but first here's a little about the book.

Moonlight and Oranges by Elise Stephens
Synopsis: A timeless tale of young romance.

Lorona Connelly is ready for a change from her carefully planned, bookish life. When sparks fly at a costume party, she embraces a chance for romance with the handsome Kestrin Feather. However, she quickly realizes that even love and destiny may not be enough to overcome the reality of an overprotective mother-in-law and Kestrin's long, tarnished history of relationships.

When Lorona's curiosity leads her to Kestrin's journal, doubt plagues them both with insecurities and threatens the relationship. Can true love overcome the odds, or was their whirlwind romance just a frivolous crush? Author Elise Stephens shares a journey of young love, fate, and wounded trust in the story of Lorona and Kestrin, a couple who must learn to overcome their fears to share a life together.

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Meet The Author:
Elise Stephens received the Eugene Van Buren Prize for Fiction from the University of Washington in 2007, where she also received her degree in Creative Writing. Moonlight and Oranges is her first novel and was a quarter-finalist for the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband where they both enjoy swing dancing, eating tiramisu, and savoring the flavor of local live theater.

You can find the author in the places below:

Her website

Yuki wrung her hair and watched the puddle on the floor. She dried her hands on her shirt, and pulled Lorona to her feet. "We're going home."
"Why is he going to California?" Lorona whispered.
They reached the lower landing and prepared for a mad dash to the car. As Yuki surged forward, Lorona looked up at Kestrin's window. A thought struck her as the first growl of thunder rumbled across the sky.
"Wait a minute," she squinted at the brick wall. "Four stories isn't that bad."
"Lorona Maria Connelly, don't even think about it."
"She isn't thinking about it. Don't worry."
"Good. Because I thought you were planning to climb up and break in from the outside."
"Lorona Maria Feather was thinking that, however." Under her breath Lorona muttered to herself, "You will find your first answer on the wall."
Yuki didn't hear her. "You look like a wet marmalade cat," Yuki whined. "We're going to get hypothermia."
Lorona rubbed her hands together. "Then I'd better move fast."
They shuffled to the side of Kestrin's building. Yuki eyed the interior of the cafe where rotisserie chickens spun past the window with crackling brown skins. "I'd let them skewer me like that if I could feel warm right now," She groaned. "I hope you know how much I love you."
Lorona tried to pick out an ascent on the brickwork. This wasn't going to be like a rock climbing wall, which she'd only attempted once. She touched the wet brick and made a face. All surfaces would be slippery and, if she was really lucky, coated with moss.
She pulled off her shoes and stood barefoot on the pavement.
"You're going to climb that?" Yuki yelped and covered her eyes. "I'm not watching you kill yourself. Call me if you're alive ten minutes from now. I'll be around the corner."
"I can't call you! I don't have a phone!" Lorona laughed.
Yuki disappeared and Lorona shook her head. Yuki clearly didn't understand that this phone meant a connection with Kestrin. There was something about needing to defeat Amanda in all of this, too.
An oil slick floated in a puddle with irdescent blue and silver swirls. Lorona used its beauty to draw her strength and murmured a prayer.
Looking up at the second story, Lorona saw the beginning of a fire-escape. If she could climb up to there, the rest of the ascent to Kestrin's window would be easy. She scrambled up a nearby dumpster, and as soon as she tried to stand, her soles slipped on the smooth metal. She pitched forward and slammed onto both knees with a gong-like crash.
"You okay?" Yuki panicked from her blind spot.
"Stay where you are. I'm bleeding and my intestines are showing. It's not pretty."
"Knock it off!"
"Stay put. I'm fine."
Yuki growled loudly, but she did't reappear. Lorona laughed again. Her optimisim rose buoyantly under the weeping sky. Was this the shy, rule-abiding girl who was risking her for a chance to talk to her husband? Lorona's smile widened.
Amanda isn't going to stop me.

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