31 January 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Afternoon followers =) It's time for another addition of Teaser Tuesday! Teaser Tuesday is created by MizB over at Should Be Reading. Anyone can join as long as you follow these simple rules!
1. Open your current read to a random page
2. Share two teaser sentences from somewhere on that page
3. Be sure not to include spoilers you dont want to ruin the book for the other participants
4. Also make sure to include the title and author so other TT participants can add the book to their tbr list if they like it.

Here's my teaser!

Saving June By: Hannah Harrington

"Anyway, we want to leave on Friday."
"For California?"
"No, for the mall." I roll my eyes. Something about Jake incites a lot of eye rolling on my part, I've noticed.

Once again i cheated and went over two sentences but what can i say? The passage wouldn't be as cute if it was only two sentences. I hope you enjoyed my teaser don't forget to leave the link to your teaser in the comments below =) Happy Teasing!

30 January 2012

It' s Monday What Are You Reading?

Hola my awesome followers =) Since i have internet back i'm going to be posting 5 days a week back to normal. So here we go it's time for my monday wrap-up! It's Monday What Are You Reading is created by Sheila over at Book Journey where we show off what we finished last week what we're currently reading and what we're reading next if you can get that far =D Anyways here's my wrap-up!

Finished Since Last Post-

Fracture By: Megan Miranda

I loved this book and hated it at the same time! But i still reccomend it to everyone because overall it's a good book. Here's my review

The Future of Us By: Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

Before this i hadn't read any of either author but i think i'm probably going to be reading more because i loved this book! Here's my review.

Never Eighteen By: Megan Bostic

I just finished this one Saturday afternoon and it was a real tear jerker. Which is pretty good because usually books don't make me cry the last book i cried at was The Last Song By: Nicholas Sparks and i read that awhile ago. Anyways here's my review!

Currently Reading-

City of Ashes By: Cassandra Clare

Anathema By: Megg Jensen

Saving June By: Hannah Harrington

Letters In Cardboard Boxes By: Abby Slovin

Daphne and The Mysterious Girls Secret Bathroom Society By: Robert Shields

And Then Everything Unraveled By: Jennifer Sturman

As you can see i am overwhelmed with books so i have no clue what i'll be reading next. Don't forget to leave links to your MondayWrap ups in the comment section!

28 January 2012

ARC Review Never Eighteen By: Megan Bostic

Never EighteenNever Eighteen by Megan Bostic

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**Tiny Spoiler Alert** Never Eighteen is both a sad and very inspiring story. It took us through Austin's last days or week battling Leukemia. Austin Parker is a 17 year old boy well considering his experiences i'd say he's very much a man and thats not a sexual joke either. He's diagnosed with cancer in ninth grade and this book is about his journey to try to fix the things he's done wrong and help the people he knows are hurting. With the help of his best friend who he's in love with Kaylee he travels around trying his best to make things right before he's gone. I got a bookmark with the book and there's a quote on there that says be aware you'll need a tissue. Now usually i read those kind of things on books all the time and i don't listen because I'm not a huge cryer but boy do i regret not listening because i shed a lot of tears by the end of the book.

Austin was a really sweet guy from what i read in the book and all he wanted was to help people and to let Kaylee know that he loved her. In my eyes he succeeded. He helped people and also got to experience things he never had before which is everyones dream before they die right? I loved Austin's character because like i said he wasn't too whiny or annoying he just wanted to help and i loved that about him. I loved how he helped Allie made sure he visited his estranged grandma. His dead best friends mom. An old friend and he even got his parents back together. If i was dying and the last thing i saw was my parents get back together if they were separated i would be able to rest in peace.

Now being in Kaylee's shoes is a whole different story. The poor girl lost her dad when she was young. One of her really good friends a couple years later. Then she loses her best friend/ the love of her life. Now i'd be able to at least get past it but to sit there and watch my best friend/lover die and know that i can't do a thing about it that would be hard. She made sure she made Austin's last few weeks awesome and that was really sweet of her. I'm glad that she knows how he really felt even though it probably made everything a whole lot harder she needed to know how Austin felt.

Overall i give this book 5 stars. It gave me everything i want in a book. I laughed, cried, and smiled. Austin and Kaylee are very good candidates for my favorite characters of 2012 even though were only in January =) I recommend this book to anyone who really needs a good cry, because it'll give you just what you need.

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27 January 2012

In My Mailbox 18

What's up peoples? It's time for another In My Mailbox. So this week i did good again i didn't buy any books it was just winnings and a blog tour so i hope you enjoy the video. Usually i would put the books i got down below but i'm exhausted so i think i'm going to skip that this week. I hope you guys had an awesome book week! Remember to leave your links in the comment section down below. ~Happy Reading~

ARC Tour Embrace By: Cherie Colyer

Hello Followers so along with my traditional In My Mailbox post (Will be posted a little later today) I'm participating in a ARC Tour Embrace By: Cherie Colyer Hosted by A Tale of Many Reviews Book Blog Tours. I hope your excited because I have joined a lot of tours with ATOMR Book Blog Tours this year scattered all over the place a couple in March one in June so yeah you get the point. So without further ado here is my review for Embrace! I hope you all enjoy.

Embrace By: Cherie Colyer

When I was first asked to read Embrace I didn’t know it was about witches I thought it was another teenage love story type of thing. Now I would of read the book either way so I’m not complaining but I just wasn’t expecting what I got at all. I really liked the whole plot of the book because now that I think about it I haven’t really read any books about witches in a while well none that I can remember so I really loved reading this book.

All the characters were nicely written I loved that they were all good friends. Even though there weren’t many action scenes the few that were there were pretty awesome. My favorite character was Issac. The book describes him in my eyes to be extremely hot so I went for him right away. He was really mysterious at first which drew me in but then the way that he slowly started falling for Madison he totally had me. They’re the cutest couple in the book and I’m glad they stayed together

Now Josh and Kaylie were equally as cute, because I’m sure if I climbed on top of a desk screaming at spiders that aren’t there my boyfriend would have left and never looked back. But Josh he stuck by Kaylie’s side the whole time she needed him which I thought was really sweet.
Was anyone else jealous when Paige kept talking to Issac? Every time Madison would spot them talking my heart sank because I really wanted him and Madison to say a couple. So that’s why when Madison’s ex came a long the same thing happened because I didn’t want her to hurt Issac and then break up because it would’ve been bad.

Powers? I could have done without almost everyone in the book having powers but that’s okay. I knew Issac had powers from the beginning because when Madison fell off that ladder I knew she broke something and then all of the sudden he put his hand on her arm and she’s healed? Yep I knew but I had no clue about Madison or Josh’s powers or anyone else’s for that matter. In the end though everything worked out well everyone’s still together and no ones dead which is good! I’m not sure if there’s a sequel to this book but I’m kind of hoping there is.

I'm so excited that I finally got to share my review with you guys! Be sure to check out all of the other stops on the tour by clicking here 

26 January 2012

Which Team Are You On? #2 One Tree Hill

Afternoon followers! I know i'm a little late but today is my every other thursday edition of Which team are you on? This week i've decided to feature a show that i love! I haven't read the books yet but i hope to soon =) Now if you watch One Tree Hill you know that it's in the 8th or 9th season which is the final season! So in honor instead of using characters from the current season i'm using characters from the first season. The two characters that i choose are of course Nathan and Lucas!

Lucas Scott
  • Hot and Sweet
  • He grew up with his dad basically living right down the street with a while different family who doesn't feel bad for him?!
  • He was brought up by his single mom.
  • He's with one girl but hes in love with someone else!
  • There's so much i could say about him!

Nathan Scott
  • Basketball Star
  • Comes from a broken family
  • Has a horrible dad
  • Has to grow up apart from a brother that his dad doesnt want
  • He has the best girlfriend ever shes so sweet!

So you know the rules pick two characters you like in the show tell why you like them and then pick which team your on! then come back here and post the link! So with these two guys i'm on TEAM LUCAS!!! Thanks to anyone who decides to join me with this meme! Happy Thursday!

23 January 2012

Review The Future of Us By: Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

The Future of UsThe Future of Us by Jay Asher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve been wanting to read The Future of Us for awhile so when I saw it at my library I picked it up and checked it out right away. The main characters are Emma and Josh and the main side characters are there two best friends Kellen and Tyson. I was confused at first I thought Kellen’s name was a guy’s name but I figured it out soon enough.

First I would like to say that I really like the plot of this story. I personally think that if I could click on to Facebook and check on my future it’d be awesome. Yeah I’m sure I would have a few bad experiences seeing my future sometimes but it would still be pretty cool to have some sort of idea of what my life would be like.

Before I say anything about the characters I’d just like to point out that I absolutely wanted Emma and Josh to be together the whole book and I still do. I’m not sure what other people think about the situation but I’m sorry no one would be able to change my mind.

The two of them just have a spark that I couldn’t turn away.

Emma’s character I thought was fun she acted like any other girl would crazy about her future. In this book she had three different future husbands and she wasn’t fully happy with any of them. She’s definitely a girl considering she hasn’t met any of those future guys. I agreed with her though I secretly want Josh to be her future husband. I see him in the front seat of her car if you know what I mean. (If you haven’t read the book I swear its not a sexual joke lol)

Josh and Sydney Mills? Really! Come on when I saw that I was mad because well I didn’t know Josh’s character that well yet so when Sydney was his future wife I just had a feeling that Emma’s chance of being with him when right down the toilet. I know what your thinking she turned him down I know but you could tell that secretly deep down she really wanted to be with him.

Kellen and Tyson are sort of side notes. They kept saying Tyson hurt her really bad but I feel like he’s a good guy but I’m not sure the book wasn’t written about them so I wouldn’t know. But I do know what happened between them in this book and I thought that they were sweet together too.

Overall I give the book a 5 stars it was beautifully written and a book about the future is always good.

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22 January 2012

No Internet! and Winners!


Wow i have to say i'm dying without internet and i feel like my blog is suffering too. Internet got shut off Tuesday of last week because my dad isnt working so we had to cut back on some things. Those two things were TV and Internet. So here i am sitting in a corner in Barnes and Noble typing this post. I just wanted to say that one of my resolutions this year was to post everyday but since of whats happened i want be able to post everyday for awhile so i'm hoping that none of you will hold that against me. The weekends will now be the only time that i'll be able to post unless i can convince my mom to take me to the library otherwise i wont be able to answer comments or post until Friday-Sunday. So any of you who check out the few posts that have scheduled for this week i will be sure to return the favor as soon as i can.

 Now about a month ago i created my first giveaway and it was a lot of fun i had a good amount of people enter. Friday is the day it ended so i'm here to announce the winner. She has already been emailed and has claimed her price, so congrats to Jude Henderson! She has won my extra copy of Night World No. By: L.J. Smith. Stay tuned because soon enough i'll be having another giveaway for an brand new copy of Crossed By: Ally Condie!

20 January 2012

ARC Review Fracture By: Megan Miranda

FractureFracture by Megan Miranda

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! I'm only 15 and i'm pretty sure i just had my first heart attack. Well not exactly my first because this book gave me many! To start off i'd just like to say i really liked the book and i couldn't put it down but man did it hurt. I'm the kind of reader that feels the pain of every character. There was so much pain in this book and i felt every bit of it. Megan Miranda i have to say is a fantastic writer because i only cry over a few books and this book broke me down to tears a few times.

At first i wasn't exactly sure like what kind of plot the book would have but I'm glad that she wasn't in the hospital in a coma the whole time because that would of just been really boring. Delany was a really strong character i mean come on she survived falling through the ice into a lake and she was under for 11 minutes!! That's a miracle right there! But she stayed incredibly strong throughout the whole book even when she thought she couldn't handle it anymore because she couldn't figure out what was wrong with her she was still strong and made it through!

Now there a three guys in this book that at times i loved at times i wanted to just kill and times i just wanted them to shut up and kiss Delany! First there's Mr. Hero Decker. Now I'm just saying i wanted Decker and Delany to be together from the start and i didn't change my mind fully throughout the whole book. I might have had some stray thoughts and moments where i just wanted to punch him in the face but i knew that he was the only one for her no matter what. Troy i did like him even though i didn't want them to be together partly because i wanted her to be with Decker and partly because Troy is just plan crazy i mean look what he does at the end! There were times when i said to myself it's okay he's just helping he's being a good guy and then there were times where i just felt like going into the book and pushing him in the lake myself. Lastly theres Carson =( Now in the beginning chapters he doesn't seem like much but people seriously pay attention to him while you read because before you know it he'll be gone and you'll be missing him. What happened to him i won't say because it's a spoiler but i have to say but that one part got a lot of tears out of me.

Now on to the few girls in the story Delany's mom. I'm not quite sure if i really liked her just because she didn't seem to be all there i mean yeah i know you're parents were horrible and you almost lost your daughter but jeez i felt like she was just plan mean sometimes like when Delany dropped the sauce on the floor she freaked out on her and i felt so bad it was an accident =/ Next theres Kara may i just clarify this now I HATE HER!!!! thats all i have to say. Lastly Janna she was a really good friend to Delany the whole book and even though she kind of lost it in the end she was still a very good person.

Well i'm really glad i got a chance to read Delany's story and i hope everyone out there does because it's really an amazing story it might not be truly written about someone but it felt real and thats all i need for a book to be good. Which is why i gave this book a solid 5 stars i overlooked the heart attacks because this book how can i say this? I guess it just really touched me and no other book has before. I know cheesy right? I think i've been reading too much!

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In My Mailbox 17

What's up followers? No i didn't get internet back in my house yet, but I'm at my grandparents for the weekend and they have internet so I'm all set =) So let's get started with another edition of In My Mailbox! I'll leave all the links below oh and i'd also like to announce two things i picked the winner for my giveaway and i have already emailed her! and I just reached 100 followers! Yay for me *Happy Dance* Now for what i got this week. Like always click on the title and it will bring you to the goodreads page.

From my Local Library:



For Review

17 January 2012

Teaser Tuesday & News

Good Afternoon followers! I have a little bit of good/bad news along with my Teaser Tuesday post today so let's get started. Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme created by MizB over at Should Be Reading. This meme is where we share two teaser sentences from the book we are currently reading! Anyone can join you just have to follow these rules.

1. Flip to a random page in the book your currently reading.
2. Share two teaser sentences from somewhere on that page.
3. Becareful not to share any spoilers you dont want to spoil the book for anyone else.
4. Lastly make sure you include the title of the book and the author so other participants can add the book to their tbr list!

My teaser this week is from:

City of Ashes By: Cassandra Clare

"Rule number one of anime," Simon said He sat propped up against a pile of pillows at the foot of the bed a bag of potato chips in one hand and the TV remote in the other.

Haha i thought since i've been doing mostly romantic teasers that i would pick sort of a nerdy couch potato one, and in this series thats mostly what Simon is =) I hope you enjoy the teaser!

Now for the news my parents are currently behind on the cable bill which means our intenet was shot off. So because of this i have to travel to the library if i want to use the internet. Which isn't bad but we only have one car so who knows when i'll be able to come and when i wont. So i'm just stating now that there are some days i wont be able to post because of this. My good news is my giveaway is ending in a couple of days so i'm super excited to pick a winner! Be sure to enter =)

16 January 2012

It's Monday What Are You Reading?

Good morning followers =) It's time for another addition of It's Monday What Are You Reading? which is hosted by Sheila over at Book Journey. This meme is where we basically wrap up all the books that we've read in the past few weeks. So this week i'm not sure if i've finished a lot this week but i'm pretty sure that i've finished at least one, so let's get started.

Finished since last post:

Nigh World No. 1 By: L.J. Smith 

Finally after a few weeks i finished this book. Now like i said before it didn't take me forever to read the book because i didn't like it it's just because it was really long. So anyways i really enjoyed the book and here's the link to my review. 

Currently Reading

Anathema By: Megg Jensen

This book is really interesting so far and i'm excited to see where it goes =) 

Bittersweet By: Sarah Ockler 

This book is so sweet and i'm excited to go read it right now so i can finish it before it expires of Pulse it! Wish me luck =)

Daphne and The Mysterious Girls Secret Bathroom Society By: Robert Shields

I was asked to read and review this book by the author i think a week ago so i started it a couple days ago. I'm not to far but it's good because i'm still turning pages =)

City of Ashes By: Cassandra Clare

I read City of Bones last summer and i fell in love with it which is why even though i have books before this one that i was so eager to pick this one up. So i started this one last night and I'm ready to devour it! 

Thanks for stopping by my Monday Wrap-up. I hope you guys all had an awesome reading week don't forget to leave links to yours in the comments below! ~Happy Reading~

15 January 2012

Review Night World No. 1 By: L.J. Smith

Night World, No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder (Night World,#1-3)Night World, No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder by L.J. Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've wanted to read The Night World series for the longest time which is why i was really excited when my grandpa surprised me with it. I love bind-ups which is why i wanted to read the bind-ups instead of the single books. So anyways i really liked the plot behind all three books. The first book is about a girl named Poppy and her best friend James. She's just a normal guy and she's a vampire and it's against the rules for a person of the Night World to fall in love with or tell a human about the night world. James never plans to tell Poppy about it but she gets cancer and he's the only one that can save her. Thats all i can about the first book without giving spoilers =) So anyways i really liked Poppy's character because she was strong but she had the right amount of emotion in her. My favorite character in the first book though was Poppy's brother Phil. The reason why i liked him the most is because he was such a caring and loving brother. Most of the time brothers are annoying and rude but Phil was always looking out for her. I sometimes think that he was always watching her over her because they're twins and they have like a twin thing. Overall though the first book was really interesting and i liked reading about Poppy's story i hope that theres more about her in the next book.

The second book is about a character who appears in the first book and his name is Ash. He has three sisters who are vampires just like him. The three girls don't like the place they're living in so they decide to go live with there Aunt in a farm basically in the middle of nowhere. When they get there they find there aunt dead and they decide to bury her so no one will find out. But little do they know while they are burying her they are being watched by someone who is going to cause a lot of problems for them. Mary-Lynnette was watching these three girls from her bedroom window she knew they were burying something but she couldn't figure out what. After that night Mary-Lynnette becomes curious and it all goes down hill from there. In this book my favorite characters were Mark and Ash. Mark because he was so sweet and innocent and he just wanted to be with Jade even if she is a vampire. Ash i liked him because he was a bad guy who thought of humans as vermin until he meets Mary-Lynnette. The second book is really entertaining so i highly suggest it to you =)

The third and final book in the first book of the night word series is about two cousins who are witches named Blaise and Thea who are pretty troubled. They're both orphans and they need to stop getting in trouble because if they don't they'll be shipped off to a place where they don't want to go. Unfortunately though as soon as they get to the new school Thea falls in love which is you know fatal in the night word, and that is the whole problem that goes on in the third book. I love Thea and Eric they're such a good a sweet couple. I really shouldn't say any more then that but the two of them are so sweet together even though they don't acknowledge it at first. I wasn't to fond of Blaise but i did love Thea because she fell and love and she gave into it. I hate the girls that fall in love but they don't do anything about it for many stupid reasons but i can't stand those girls in books because they just make me want to scream =) Anyways i really enjoyed this book and L.J. Smith never fails to amaze me!

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13 January 2012

In My Mailbox 16

Happy Friday The 13th everyone! I hope were all having good luck!! So this week i'm happy because i only got two books this week which is really good because well i've only been blogging for barley 5 months and i already have a couple mountains of books. Crazy right? Yeah so anyways here are the books i got.

Won from Peggy @ Pawing Through Books

Sorry guys i can't remember who i won this from!

Thats it for this week guys! Remember leave your links below and also check out my giveaway!!

ARC Tour Destiny's Fire By: Trisha Wolfe

So this is my very first ARC Tour with A Tale of Many Reviews Book Blog Tours. I was emailed and asked to join so i went over to this site and read the synopsis and it sounded really interesting so i decided i would sign up. Now here i am writing my post extremely fast because yes i want it to look nice but i am so eager to share my review with you guys. Down below will be my review and the link where you can find all the other tour stops! (P.S. I lost the original email with the linky stuff so it's just a link that you'll have to click on down below to bring you to the page sorry!)

At first I didn’t know if I was going to enjoy Destiny’s Fire because I wasn’t really sure if it was my style. But I really liked the book! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole entire time and not a lot of books lately have done that for me. Trisha Wolfe did an amazing job writing the characters and there relationships.

I really loved that the book was based in the future, that’s something I didn’t know about but it was an awesome surprise. The only thing about the book that threw me a little was I wasn’t sure what kind of creatures the characters were supposed to be. You know like normally in book your clear on whose human and whose vampire or werewolf, but in this book I wasn’t so clear on that but that’s okay because I was still interested.

Now with the relationships in this book they completely tore me apart in both good ways and bad. In the very beginning of the book I wanted Dez to be with Jace 100% you could so tell that they would be the cutest couple. But then Reese wandered in made Dez fall for him and of course he made me fall for him too. Which is why when Jace kissed Dez and Reese saw my heart broke. Then when Reese and Dez made up I felt better but then it broke again when Jace walked in on them. But that right there is one of the reasons why I loved this book it was like the best rollercoaster I’ve ever been on and I hate rollercoaster’s.

Destiny has an amazing support group in this book and she does so well handling herself. She feels horrible because throughout the book she manages to hurt and fall for two great guys but she’s able to keep them both in the end which I’m totally jealous of!! Sorry about the spoiler I had to let it out! Anyways I gave this book 5 stars because well because of all the reasons I listed above. I recommend it to anyone who loves a crazy love story mixed in with a battle of races basically. It’s really a fun book!

Well that's it i've been waiting to share my review with you guys for just about ever! I hope you all enjoyed it and if you have any thing to say and advice i'll take it all in the comments. Also click here to see the other blogs participating in this ARC Tour.

12 January 2012

Which Team Are You On? #1 VAMPIRE DIARIES

Guess what?! I've decided to make my own meme. Now I’m not exactly sure like if people are already doing this and I just before I start I want to say if somebody is already doing this and I’m completely copying them just let me know and I’ll stop doing it or I’ll keep it but I wont call it my own. I'm not
saying this because I’m copying I was thinking about something I could do and this is something that I thought would be cool. So without further ado here are the rules of my new meme! (P.S. I didn’t make this button because idk how yet but when I learn how it'll be my own button now one I found off Google.)

Now since this is the first time I’m doing this it'd be awesome if you guys could give me a bit of feedback =) Here's how this is going to work every other Thursday I’ll be picking a show and choosing two characters they can be male or female but only chose two, and if it's that hard for you to chose let me know I’ll either give you an acception or I’ll do a part two the next time. Now for the rules in steps

1. Come check out the post every other Thursday to find out which show I’m featuring.
2. From that show pick two people both males, both females, or one of each. I'm sorry if you don't know the shows I pick!
3. Create a post with both of the people's pictures then down below tell about both of them and then why you like one more then the other.
4. At the end of the post in big letters which team your on! then come back here and post the link to your post in he comments. (I know usually there'd be a linky but since I’m new I’m not sure how to make one yet sorry!)

Alright is everyone clear on the rules? I know this first post is kind of lengthy but it's just because it's the first post I promise it'll be shorter in the future. If you have any questions, concerns, or you want to yell at me because this was your idea hit me up in the comments!

This Thursdays featured show is: The Vampire Diaries
 The reason I picked this is because well it's Thursday and this show is on tonight! The two characters I pick are none other than Stefan & Damon! (P.S. You can choose the same to people as someone else if you like)

First up we have the sexy Stefan Salvatore!
  • He's the mysterious vampire boyfriend/ex boyfriend of Elena. (Were not actually sure right now he's sort of lost his humanity!)
  • He'll do anything to keep his family, and friends safe even if it means losing everything.
  • He has a pretty sexy brother!
  • He'll look as good as he does now forever considering he's a vampire =)
  • He's really really sensitive well at first he was.
  • Lastly he's got some pretty nice muscles lol.

Next up we have the lovely brother Damon Salvatore

  • Damon is Gorgeous!
  • Since I wrote this for Stefan I’ll write it for Damon too I’ll he has an awesome brother
  • He's the bad guy that doesn't show his feelings but you see them come out once in awhile and its amazing
  • Black hair
  • Amazing dimples
  • He's pretty good boyfriend material considering he basically watches over his brothers girlfriend when he decides to leave.
  • He doesn't give up on the ones he loves no matter what.

    So after serious consideration and I mean serious I’ve been trying to figure out which one I’m going to stick with for hours! But I’ve decided that with Damon he doesn't have any humanity already so you probably wont be let down with him =) So yes I am on Team Damon!!!

    Okay guys thanks so much for joining me on my first Which Team Are You On? I really hope that you'll like it and decide to do this with me because frankly I love the idea and I love when you guys do it with me (not in a weird way hahaha) Remember if you want to join you certainly can just follow the rules above! Happy Thursday (P.S. Watch Vampire Diaries tonight at 8!)

11 January 2012

Waiting On Wednesday

Welcome to my well its not my first but i haven't done one of these in a while so here it goes. Waiting On Wednesday is hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. This weekly bookish meme is where we spotlight the books that were so eagerly awaiting! Which is pretty awesome because theres so many books out there that i'm eagarly awaiting!

The book i'm waiting for is!

The reason i can barley wait for this book is because i've read the whole house of night series so far and the first in the House of Night Novellas and they're all so good! They keep me turning pages and i love it! Click on the title above and it will take you to the books goodreads page! Thanks for checking out my WoW! Leave links to your WoW in the comments section i'll definately check them out! 

10 January 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!! So Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme createds by MizB over at Should Be Reading where each week we share two teaser sentences from the book we are currently reading. So here are the rules!

1. Grab your current read
2. Flip to a random page and share two teaser sentences.
3. Becarful not to share any spoilers because you don't want to ruin the book
4. Last but not least be sure to include the Title and Author so other participants can add the book to their tbr list.

Heres my teaser!

Anathema By: Megg Jensen

His boots shuffled closer and I held my breath as his arms encircled me. His chin rested on my head. As my head shifted to acommodate his broad chin, I felt tingles course through my body.

Sorry guys i cheated it felt weird to just leaft it at two sentences because it kind of just sounded stupid without the last sentence!  I hope you enjoy it Don't forget to leave your links in the comment section!

09 January 2012

It's Monday What Are You Reading??

Hi Followers! So before i say anything i've decided to change my goal for the year from posting every day to posting 5 days a week. So with that in mind here is the first post for this week. It's Monday What Are You Reading? hosted by Book Journey where we tell everybody what we've finished since last week, what were reading now, and what we plan to read next (if you can get that far) I love being apart of this meme every Monday because well it helps me keep track easily of everything i've been reading so without further adu here is my Monday wrap up!

Finished since last week:

Paradox The Angels Are Here (Paradox Series #1) By: Patti Roberts

I won this book awhile ago and i never got around to reading it until just last week. I read it and even though i enjoyed it like i said i was a little confuesed! The author though kindly gave me an e-copy of the second book to clear up my confusion! Thanks again Patti! =) Here's my review for this book.

Currently Reading:

Night World No. 1 (Night World Series #1) By: L.J. Smith

It's taking me a bit to read this book because it's really long its over 700 pages i'm pretty sure. But it's really good so far and i cant wait to write my review.

Bittersweet By: Sarah Ockler

I'm reading this book because it sounds like a really sweet little book and i'm also reading it for the DAC and the 2012 Contemporary challenge!

Anathema (Anathema Series #1) By: Megg Jensen

I can't remember if i won this book or bought it when it was free on Amazon but either way right now i'm on chapter 5 and it's really really interesting so far.

I hope you guys enjoyed my monday wrap-up don't forget to leave links to your Monday wrap ups in the comment section. I'll be sure to check all of them out!

06 January 2012

In My Mailbox 15

What's up followers? Is everyone having an awesome blogging week this week? I am! I got a pretty good amount of books and i've been doing pretty good keeping up with my 1 post everyday and reading at least a chapter of somehting everyday. So i hope you guys enjoy my video! Sorry for all my stuttering and sniffing i'm just exhausted it's been a long week too! Anyways leave links to your IMM in the comment section below i'll be sure to stop by. Also i would so love it if you guys would help me out with my poll its on the sidebar. It's to help me figure out what i'm going to read next because i cant figure it out by myself it's just too hard =) Also i have a giveaway going on for a used copy of Night World No. 1 By: L.J. Smith. If your interested i'll leave the link below with all the other links! Have a great weekend people!

Won from Heather @ SupaGurl Books
Dark Beauty By: Taryn Browning
Dark Seeker By: Taryn Browning
(Does anyone know which one i should read first? I'm still trying to figure it out.)

Won from Sash & Em @ Sash & Em: A Tale of Two Bookies
ARC copy of Blood book one in the Mercian Trilogy By: K.J. Wignall
ARC copy of Blood Wounds By: Susan Beth Pfeffer
Blood Magic By: Tessa Gratton

Won from Bree Despain @ Bree Despain The offical site for author Bree Despain
Signed ARC of The Savage Grace By: Bree Despain
Signed copy of Silence By: Becca Fitzpatrick
Signed copy of Crossed By: Ally Condie
Signed copy of The Death Cure By: James Dashner
Signed copy of Demon Glass By: Rachel Hawkins

Bought @ Walmart
Cryer's Cross By: Lisa McMann
Wither By: Lauren Destefano
The Scorch Trials By: James Dashner

Don't forget to stop by my giveaway!

05 January 2012

Swoon Thursday: Bittersweet By: Sarah Ockler

So today while at school i was think what am i going to do for a post today? Since you know one of my new year resolutions was to have at least one post everyday. So i was thinking about all the memes that i do or have done in the past and i rememberd Swoon! which is where you basically write down like a few lines from a book that make you swoon. I really like this meme because i'm always reading books that make me swoon =) so i decided i'm going to start participating again! Swoon Thursdays is created by the ladies over at YA Bound be sure to check out their blog its so cool! To find out how to participate and the rules click on the blog name YA Bound above and it will take you to their page.

Here's what i swooned over this week =)

bittersweet By: Sarah Ockler

"I'm cold and horizontal, helplessly pinned beneath a boy. A cute one. Our skates are all tangled up and our hearts are knocking against eachother like they're ready to take this outside. His fingers cradle the back of my head just over the cement-hard ice; with his free hand, he brushes the hair from my eyes and i blink."

Hot right? lol this happened just after they smashed into eachother while skating they don't even know eachother and were already swooning! I hope you enjoy this as much as i did! Thanks for reading! 

04 January 2012

Busting The Newbie Blues!

So this week i've decided to be apart of Busting The Newbie Blues hosted by Small Review. This little event is going on throughout the while month of January! Now of course your all probably wondering what this is unless you've done it before but what this is is basically like a little questionnaire for new bloggers and old bloggers. There's two different sets of questions and you pick which one is best for you. The whole reason for this is to interact with other bloggers and for new bloggers to get help in the blogging world. This is my first year blogging so this is my first time trying this i hope it works out well. For the questionnaires and any questions you might have click on the Event name or the blog name above! I hope you decided to join! and thanks to anyone who takes the time to read the questions and my answeres below!

New Blogger Questionnaire!

1. When did you start your blog?
I started my blog about 5 months now. I started back in early August. I figured the summer would be the easiest time to start.

2. Why did you start your blog?
Well originally i started my blog because i wanted to get a little bit more publicity i guess you would say on the book that i started writing. When i started browsing the blogging world i came across a few Book Bloggers. Now this is awhile ago so i can't remember which they were but i thought that what they did was pretty cool and i decided that since im a book lover and i'm always reading every second i get that i would start one slowly and see how it went.

3. What has been the biggest challenge you faced so far?
Hmm I'd have to say the biggest challenge would be a challenge that i'm still struggling with which is trying to design my blog to make it eye catching! I'm good with computers but i'm still not sure how i would go about designing my blog yet i'm sort of hoping that this questionnaire will help me get some tips.

4. What do you find most discouraging about being a new blogger?
Well for me the most discouraging part is trying to talk to other bloggers. Outside of the computer i'm extremely shy i have a lot of friends but i still have trouble talking to new people. So that came along with me i have a hard time talking to them about books and other things that bloggers would talk about. People always say don't be afraid to talk to me and things like that but i still am sometimes and i'm not sure why exactly. Sometimes when it comes to bloggers that have been around awhile i'm scared to talking to them because it's like talking to a genius or a celebrety. I'm not exactly sure how else to explain in but that's my dilema.

5. What do you find most encouraging?
Well the thing that i love the most because it always brings my spirits up is getting comments! When i first started this blog i got none which was understandable because my blog was only a few weeks old. But now i get comments and it brings up my mood so much! I think that the blogging world would be nothing without comments!

6. What do you like best about the blogs you read? Have you tried to replicate this in your blog?
There's a few things i like about the blogs i read. When i'm reading a blog i love when there's polls on the side and i love when things are easy to find and i love when bloggers show off there fellow bloggers buttons on there sidebar. All of these things i also do on my blog. Like right now i have a poll up for my followers to help me decided which book i should read next. While i'm doing a challenge or participating on a blog hop i make sure that those buttons or banners are on the top, and last but not least I have a bunch of my fellow bloggers buttons on the sides but thats another dilema of mine i still dont have a button of my own.

7. What do you dislike about blogs you've read? Do you try to avoid this?
The two things that i hate the most. First is when you click onto a blog and you start reading a post and then *BANG* your heart jumps in your throat because this random music starts playing and your looking around to see if anyone saw you jump because sometimes its a little embarissing am i right? Second when your trying to read a post or comment but you cant see what your writing or what was written because they have so many other things overlapping everything and its just annoying!

8. Any advice for new bloggers?
My advice would be to try to talk to as many bloggers as you can to get tips. Some bloggers make posts about how to make your blog a better one read those! Enter a lot of giveaways because that helps you get a lot of books to start writing reviews and things like that and last but not least read other bloggers reviews and posts and comment comment comment because everybody loves comments! =)

9. Any question you'd like to ask a newbie or established bloggers?
My question to established bloggers would be is there any other way then posting them on goodreads and twitter and all those places to get people to read and leave feedback about either how the review is written or about the book it's written about.

10. Is there anything you'd like to tell us about your blog?
Well i always have a different post up everyday unless im deathly sick which im not so you'd never get bored.

Thanks for taking the time to read my questionnaire! Let me know in the comments if you've decided to follow me. I'll be sure to follow you right back not in a stalkerish way though! =)

03 January 2012

ARC Review Ditched By: Robin Mellom

Ditched: A Love StoryDitched: A Love Story by Robin Mellom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***Spoiler Alert (I think)*** I wanted to read Ditched because I hadn’t read a love story in a long time and it seemed cool because of the whole prom night theme. I got it as part of an ARC tour on Friday and I finished it last night I couldn’t put it down but I had to a few times to open presents! I have to say though Robin did an awesome job on this book. There was so many times when I just wanted to put the book down because it wasn’t going my way but I kept reading because I knew the ending was going to be good. I also like that the book was able to make me chuckle and tear up most books can’t put that into one very easily.

I really liked the characters a lot Justina was a fun character she was just a girl who wanted to have an amazing prom night with her best friends who she has feelings for. But that didn’t happen for her. The journey she took around town all night was crazy and I’m not sure I would’ve been able to handle that I probably would’ve broke down after he left her at the prom. But Justina was determined to find her man even if she had to dog swap in the middle.

Now when she first started telling the story I was like wow who is this Ian guy and why does he keep running away. Where is he going? And why is he talking to Alyson! I didn’t like him at first because I really thought that he was being a jerk and ditching her which is why I couldn’t stop reading because I just had to figure out why he actually left. In the end thought Ian turned out to be a amazing guy and I’m happy about that. I’m not sure what I would’ve done if this book didn’t have a happy ending like it did.

While Justina was telling her story to the ladies in the 7-Eleven I was thinking about my 7-Eleven the whole time I kept wondering if this would ever really happen. My favorite characters for some reason where the mikes and their dates. I have no clue why but they just made me laugh something about how they wouldn’t give up on Justina but they still partied in the middle of it all was pretty cool and I liked it. In the end I would give this book a solid 5 stars!

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02 January 2012

Review Paradox: The Angels Are Here By: Patti Roberts

Paradox : The Angels Are Here By: Patti Roberts
** spoiler alert ** I won an e-copy of Paradox: The Angels Are Here By: Patti Roberts a while ago and I just never got around to reading it. I finally did because it is about Angels and I really love books about angels.

The book kind of threw me a bit because I wasn’t entirely sure what the whole book was exactly about because it flipped back and forth between Abaddon and his family Grace and her family and then those odd visions that Grace had. I enjoyed the book but I have to admit at some points I was really confused as to what was going on.

The very beginning was Abaddon and Theria. I knew that their world was in war and that’s why Their and her cousin left. Then it switched to Grace’s world and she got her little friend Hope which I thought was sweet because no little girl should be alone like Grace felt. I loved the characters of Grace and her father in the beginning so I was so sad when her father died.

When Angela and Wade came into the picture I was again very confused because I didn’t know like who they were. At first I thought that Angela could possibly be Theria but im still not sure. Anyone whose read the book if you could give me some clarification id love it!

Overall I give this book a 3 out of 5 stars because I did really like the book for reasons because even though I was confused I still kept turning pages to find out more and I really liked all the characters.
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