22 July 2013

Review: Taste The Heat by Rachel Harris

Taste The Heat by Rachel Harris
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss 
Release Date: July 8, 2013
Book Format: e-ARC
Number of Pages: 220
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
Synopsis: One sexy fire captain. One Cajun chef, One combustible kitchen…

When chef Colby Robicheaux returned home to New Orleans to save her family restaurant, the last person she expected to reconnect with was her brother’s best friend and her childhood crush. As tempting as a sugar-coated beignet, Jason is one dish she doesn’t want to taste. Colby is counting down the days till she can leave the place where her distrust of love and commitment originated and go back to Vegas. 

Fire captain Jason Landry isn’t looking for love, either. He knows he should focus on finding the perfect mother for his daughter, but when he first sees Colby, all grown up and gorgeous, he can’t help but be drawn to her. And when she suggests a no-strings-attached fling, Jason doesn’t want to say no. 

As their relationship grows more intense, Colby finds that Jason isn’t as easy to leave behind as she thought. Could turning up the heat on something real be worth the possibility of getting burned?

My Review: 
I received Taste The Heat by Rachel Harris from the publisher for review, and this is my honest review.

As you know if you have read anything on my blog before, it is mostly YA. Which means I do not read many adult books, but after reading this particular adult book I am so picking up more adult books because I have never devoured a book so fast in my life! Taste The Heat is about a chef named Colby who has come home for a few months to help out with her family's restaurant. While she’s there she becomes reacquainted with her old crush, and her brothers best friend Jason Landry. Lets just say from there things get good!

Lets start off from what grabbed my attention in the first place. Colby being a chef, and Emma being an aspiring chef, and just Jason knowing how to make something tasty! I thought that was so cool because my first dream after writing was to be a chef which is why I started taking cooking classes. So the whole food thing being incorporated was very awesome for me.

I loved the mix of emotions in this book when we first meet Colby we see a strong guarded woman who does not want to get hurt and I admire how strong she was. But throughout the book we see her change and open her heart which I loved seeing because it was so sweet. There were a few like emotional moments in the book and I teared up over everyone of them and I am not a crier people! Rachel Harris obviously did something right.

Another thing about the story that I loved was how close all of the characters were. Jason and Colby were not strangers so if they were to fall in love during the story it does not seem awkward because they had already grown up together which in my eyes makes a better lovestory than high school sweethearts. Also Jason was not just close with her but with her whole family because of him being her brothers best friend and all.

I honestly cannot say that there was anything about this book that I didn't love because literally I loved every second of it and I’m in need of book two like now! This definitely earned its title of 5 out of 5 stars. I knew Rachel’s writing would not disappoint!

I hope you all enjoyed my review! I really loved this book and I hope you will too! Let me know what you think in the comments!! 

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  1. I love books that involve cooking/chefs and I've enjoyed almost every book from Entangled's Bliss line. I'll check this one out.


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