04 March 2014

Review: Vengeance by Megan Miranda

Vengeance by Megan Miranda 
Publisher: Walker Childrens
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Book Format: Hardcover
# of Pages: 342
Synopsis: Nobody really believes in a curse. Until you know the people who disappear. Too much coincidence, you look for reason. Too much death, you grasp for something to blame. Carson pulled Delaney out and he died on the side of the road with her mouth pressed to his. Her air in his body. Troy. She told the cops it was suicide. Didn't matter. The lake released her and grabbed another. But when Decker's father dies in a pool of spilled water on their kitchen floor, all Decker can feel is a slow burning rage. Because he knows that Delaney knew that his dad was going to die. She knew and backed out of his house and never said a word. Falcon Lake still has a hold on them both, and Decker can't forgive Delaney until he knows why.

My Review: 
***If you have not read the first book Fracture do not read this review!

I received an ARC of Vengeance by Megan Miranda from Around The World ARC Tours and read the first few chapters from that ARC but the rest of it was read from a hardcover version that I borrowed from work. 

Vengeance is the sequel to Miranda's first book Fracture, which is about a group of friends who come way to close on some occasions and meet death on others. In book one Delaney just about dies, she falls through the ice on the town lake and stops breathing for 11 minutes… One of the guys from her group of friends pull her out though and save her life. The second book is about the group of friends dealing with “the curse” as the group of friends call it. 

I read the first book a really long time ago so at some points it was hard to remember some of the things the characters were referencing, but Miranda did a pretty good job at jogging your memory. Before writing the review for this book though, I went back and read my review of Fracture from two years ago and it reminded me of some things. 

There are many many things I loved about this book and the biggest thing was that while I was reading the book gave me the chills non stop, because there was so much emotion and because there was so many creepy elements to the story, and boy do I love myself a creepy story! Oh man this book came along with so many feels, I am so in love with Decker & Delaney even though they were fighting constantly throughout the whole book I still loved them as a couple! 

One thing that annoyed me near the end of the book was how confusing it got. I can’t really explain because that would be considered a spoiler alert, either way though the last few chapters were kind of all over the place and I didn’t really like that but my opinion of the rest of the book pretty much stayed the same. 

Megan Miranda’s writing is fabulous and I cannot wait to read more of it! I didn’t even know that she was writing a sequel to Fracture but I am so glad she did because this book was a great companion to it. She also wrote another book called Hysteria I believe I have it on my kindle and I cannot wait to read it!

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