13 September 2014

Advice For the Blog. Please?

How do I deal?

Hey everyone! I hope everyone takes the time to read this because its coming from the heart! This past month around September 3 I started college! Exciting right? I'm studying Creative Writing with a minor in Culinary Arts and I am loving every second of it. Just being in college in general is really exciting. 

Anyways! ever since school started up again, I haven't done ANY reading except a few chapters of a new book I read while I was on break at work. As you can imagine not reading starves my blog of reviews. 

So! My question for you guys, basically anyone who has had there blog for a long time. Or anyone who has an opinion at all I was wondering how you keep everything going on your blog when you're busy. Or how do you keep fresh content when you just can't get any reviews up without taking a hiatus. Taking a hiatus is the last thing I want to do, just because I am the type of person that takes forever to get back to it once I stop. 

It would be such a big help if you guys could give me some feedback I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! 

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