03 December 2014

Review: He Texted by Lisa Winning & Carrie Henderson McDermott

He Texted by Lisa Winning And Carrie Henderson McDermott
Publisher: Gallery Books
Release Day: April 15, 2014
Book Format: Hardcover
# of Pages: 272
Synopsis: The He's Just Not That Into You for the iPhone generation a frank, funny, and refreshingly helpful guide to dating in the age of social media from the creators of the wildly popular blog HeTexted.com.

As Glamour magazine writes, There are two types of women in the world: 1) Women who've gotten a vague or confusing text message from their crush and analyzed how to respond for hours with their girlfriends But what does this mean? ;) and 2) Liars. Today, where everyone is plugged into social media 24/7, lines are blurred and a ton of new confusion exists about whether or not a guy is into you. As any woman who's recently been on a date knows, no one leaves home without his or her phone, and it is literally on the table or in use at some point on every date. So how can women use social media and texting to their advantage and suss out his true feelings? He Texted is here to clear up any mysteries about texting, friending, following, liking, LOLing, and poking that have become commonplace in the smartphone era.

Founders of HeTexted.com Lisa Winning and Carrie Henderson McDermott and their stable of Bros go through the most common and confusing romantic cyber situations using actual text exchanges. Offering concrete advice, they'll explain what's really going on in each scenario on a practical and emotional level, lay down a verdict about the guys intentions, and establish clear-cut rules for any present and future conduct. Hilarious and helpful in equal measure, this is the book that everyone who texts, Tweets, or uses Facebook should own.

My Review:

*I borrowed He Texted by Lisa Winning & Carrie McDermott from the borrow program at Barnes & Noble, and the following is my honest review.

To be completely honest, I am not so sure why I decided to pick up He Texted. I guess I just thought that it seemed quite interesting when I saw it at work. That and because I do have a serious texting problem, and was completely single when starting this book. I thought, why not I’ll just read it and see what it has to say about texting and boys.

It ended up being interesting. I enjoyed the way the book was set up very much. Each chapter had its own subject corresponding to something guys do. For example, one chapter was called “He Loves You” and that chapter goes into detail about the different ways males express their love, which ways are significant, and which ways are not. This book was filled with interesting information, I actually found a couple things useful that I will remember from now on.

A nice aspect of the book was that the two ladies writing this book used real males to back up their theories. After the introduction to the chapter, both ladies had a page or two explaining the situation, and or giving examples. Then the three males would give their ideas as well. I liked when they shared their thoughts because it did not seem fake. Everything they said seemed like it would make sense when thinking about the specific topic.

For a book found in the self help section I found it enjoyable to read, and easy to keep up with. It easily earned a 5 out of 5 stars. There was not an overwhelming amount of information in this book. It was more or less a pick and choose what you wanted to keep with you and that is fine for a book like this. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an interesting read about topics like the different aspects of texting boys, dating, and social media. Even if you don’t have a problem or you don’t think you do, you might read something useful. I certainly did.


  1. I'm soooo glad we didn't have texting/FB/Twitter when I was dating but this sounds like a fun guide for everyone who has to do it now!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. It was definitely entertaining! :) Thanks for stopping by.


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