01 February 2016

Promo Post: Until You Came Along by Kshitij

Until You Came Along by Kshitij 

I see Luke waving through his office window. Walking past the reception area, I step inside the elevator to travel to the seventh-floor of Pure-Kits Ltd. As the doors of the elevator open, I see my hubby with a red rose in his hand. I smile and accept the beautiful flower. We hug, and Luke says he’s been waiting anxiously for me. He takes my hand as we walk into his office. We then have a long, “ miss you”  kiss (we call it that). Luke’s excited. His expression is similar to what I saw on his face the very first time I seriously noticed him—a face full of love and hope, with a whisper of commitment.  I knew Luke a long time before our marriage. My father and Luke’s were close acquaintances. By the time I finished college, Luke had already established himself financially and was working for a reputable firm in Stoke. Then, four years ago, he joined Pure-Kits and soon earned a significant raise and two quick promotions.  Luke admired me, and he took my family in confidence. My parents liked him for his attitude and sincerity. During my final days of college, Luke asked me out. I said yes, without giving it much thought. He was honest and blunt and always had a subtle smile on his face. On our first date, Luke did everything to make me aware of how special I was to him. I felt a little disconcerted, but, at the same time, I noticed his efforts to win my interest. Like a gentleman, he dropped me home on time.           
 Luke proposed to me on our second date, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He requested that I join him on a special ferry that he’d booked. In a pretty dramatic fashion, just like in the movies, Luke asked me to marry him. He arranged for the ferry to be decorated with fresh lilies, and I could smell their fragrance all around. He also put on my favorite song (I didn’t know how he figured that out!). He earnestly looked into my eyes, and I was speechless. Then I saw Luke pulling a sparkling diamond ring out of the chest pocket of his suit. “ Est... All my life, I’ve worked hard to put a lot into every relationship. I’ve valued every bond, whether it was personal or business. Now, at this stage of my life, all I want is to be a good husband and a responsible family man. And I think that won’t be possible until you’re by my side, because you’re the girl who can bring the best out of me. You’re the only girl who can turn me into something better. That’s how I feel about you. That’s how I’ve always felt about you.”

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