08 July 2012

June RAK Wrap Up

Hi again! Sorry that this wrap up is a little late but I've been really busy lately! Anyways here is everything that went on for me during the month of june!

The Thirteen Hallows by Michael Scott & Colette Freedman

I sent this to Leathea. She doesn't have a blog but she is on twitter so you can follow her @Luvdaylilies.


Leathea was awesome enough to send me a $20 Amazon gift card with which I bought/pre-ordered the following items!

Nevermore by James Patterson 

I pre-orderd this because this is the last book in the Maximum Ride series and I just had to have it I love the series so much!
Hunting Kat by Kelley Armstrong

this is an e-book I've been wanting to read forever so I decided why not? I have some money left over I'll grab it and check it out!

Winter's Passage by Julie Kagawa

I still had a few dollars left so I picked up this one too! I love Julie's writing =)


  1. hi, i know this is so out of place for me to write this up.. but i've received an email from you stating that you've had a bad trip to the Philippines with your parents. the email was so, oh i really don't know how to describe it, but it was bad. and i hope it's spam or just someone trying to use your email to scam people. if, you'd like to see the email, i can forward it back to you. im hoping it's spam. :(

  2. I'm nervous to read Nevermore lol

    i love the cover to Thirteen Hallows.


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