14 July 2012

Glass by Ellen Hopkins

Glass by Ellen Hopkins
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Publication Date: August 21, 2007
Number of Pages: 681
Book Format: Paperback (Bought at Barnes & Noble)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow everyone loves Ellen Hopkins books because they’re in verse. Which means quick and easy, but do you want to know why I love them? Because there always extremely intense and those are my favorite books to read. So intense that you have to keep turning pages, like if you stop you’ll miss the story too much that’s what these books are too me! I bought this book on my own and am choosing to review it on my own also. In this book we catch up with our main character Kristina, who has recently had a baby and is clean. But not for long.. She can feel the monster calling to her she wants to get high again.

Through out the book I went back and forth between feeling sorry for Kristina and thinking that she’s a complete and utter idiot. In the end though I knew what my feelings were and they will stay that way until I read the third and final book! As we all know Kristina is a teen mother addicted to meth. The reasons I felt sorry for her is because she needed help and she just couldn’t get it. Yes her mother offered to help her but she didn’t do a good enough job of offering it. She told her if you need help I’ll give it to you but then she kicked her out. I mean I get it she shouldn’t need more then that but she’s a young mother addicted to drugs she needed more then that.

On the other hand I know she was so stupid. I mean she was clean she should have kept her job at seven eleven and stayed clean so she could be a mom to her baby and finish high school. But did she do that? Nope she went ahead and got back on drugs. For awhile she at least got to stay at home but her mom saw how bad she was getting and finally kicked her out. Now that should have gotten to her too but instead she went and stayed with her drug dealer who was also her boyfriends cousin and basically sort of whored around!

Anyways I hope that in this third book Kristina cleans herself up and takes care of her BABY! Oh I so wish I could spoil the ending of this book but I can’t so if anyone’s read this book come talk to me! I enjoyed some of the other characters like Kristina’s alter ego Bree. My favorite part was when she was mouthing off to her sisters girlfriend oh man it was hilarious. Also I really liked Trey because although he was a drug addict as well as her he was still in school for the majority of time and he truly loved Kristina and I loved that. In the beginning I thought he was going to be another Brendan if you know what I mean but he wasn’t and I’m so glad.

In the end I give it a 5 out of 5 stars because again I love how intense Ellen keeps her books. I could not stop turning these pages until I physically couldn’t anymore!

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  1. This sounds really good! Thanks for the great review, I will look out for this XD

  2. I love her work! I haven't read the last one to this but I really need to. Great review.


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