01 February 2013

Review: The Farm by Emily McKay

The Farm (The Farm, #1)The Farm by Emily McKay
Publisher: Berkley Books
Publication Date: December 2012
Book Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 420
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I won The Farm by Emily McKay from Tiffany at For Those About To Read and this is my honest review.

The Farm is set in another world where 17 year old Lily is forced to life in a farm where she and all the other humans still alive will be safe from the tics. But her and her autistic twin sister Mel are very close to their 18th birthday and the girls are not sure what this could mean for them. Therefore they plan to escape from the farm before there birthday. This doesn’t exactly go as planned.

While on the farm we get to know many characters that are important to the story but first the personalities of Lily and Mel start to develop. Lily is a very devoted sister, she gets a little annoyed at times with Mel but that is to be expected because it can be hard to get Mel to understand at times because she is autistic. But something we learn is that even though Mel has a disability she is extremely smart she just can’t express herself as well as other people can. Throughout the book we often find Mel figuring things out before Lily which was interesting but frustrating because you would be like “OMG! Mel knows the answers go to Mel!!”

The other characters we meet are Joe who runs the supplies store where Lily first goes when she’s starting to prepare to leave, at first he’s not so important but he will become very important soon so pay attention to that one! Next we have Carter we meet him briefly in the beginning when Lily drops her little pill container, and we think oh some random guy but little do you know he is almost the most important part! He’s to die for also!!

I was a tad bit disappointed because I though this would be more of a scary read. Don’t get me wrong there were some creepy parts but it wasn’t stay up all night scary like some people thought it would be. But the story balanced out because there was never a dull moment! There was always something going on whether it was a battle or trying to escape from somewhere everything was so awesome!

In the end I give it 5 out of 5 stars because I loved the characters and their personalities. The plot was incredible I mean the world is being taken over my Tics and no one is safe anymore? That’s so crazy but I love it!

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