27 August 2013

Cover Reveal: Death is But a Dream by Erin Hayes

Good morning Bookies! Are you as excited as I am? We have a cover reveal for Death is But a Dream by Erin Hayes today, and I'm excited because I haven't had a Cover Reveal here on Comfort Books in awhile. So without further ado here is the cover!

Death is but a Dream by Erin Hayes
Release Date: Fall 2013
Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Mythology 
Synopsis: Caught between life and death, all Callie wants is to live again.

Homicide detective Callie Saunders knows that death isn’t all pearly gates and angels. After being hit by a bus, she finds that it's the ancient gods and goddesses of Greek mythology who are in charge of everything.

So when Hades offers her a deal, she accepts. If she wants to be brought back to life, she’ll have to figure out who is trying to kill his son. But if she fails, both her soul and the world will be destroyed.

With the odds mounting against her, it’ll take everything she has within her to wake up from death. But the rules are constantly changing. And someone wants her to stay dead

Meet The Author:
Erin Gulyas is an advertising copywriter. Erin Hayes is her alter ego that writes book in her spare time. This is the blog of Erin Hayes.
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