22 August 2013

Author Spotlight Thursday: Tanya J. Peterson (Special Review)

Good morning Bookies! It's Thursday, and you know what that means! It's Author Spotlight Thursday Time! Before I get to the author I picked for this week I wanted to let all my followers know that at some point I hope to have a graphic for this weekly meme so that others can use it to participate if they would like. I'd like to make it known that anyone can participate now as long as I am credited somewhere in the post! But anyways back to whom I picked this week. **Drum Roll Please!**

Tanya J. Peterson!

The reason I picked Tanya is because I recently finished her book Losing Elizabeth and the story was very inspiring, and in some places it very much touched home. So for this edition of Author Spotlight Thursday I decided that I would share with you the book, and my review. I hope you all enjoy it! 

Losing Elizabeth by Tanya J. Peterson
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release Date: April 25, 2012
Book Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 154
Synopsis: High school junior Elizabeth Carter is self-confident and outgoing with a bright future. Life is good for Elizabeth, then she meets Brad Evans. To those on the outside, and even to Elizabeth at first, her life gets even better with Brad. Slowly and insidiously, though, Brad takes control of Elizabeth. Is she really as lucky as she thinks she is? What price is she willing to pay to be this popular, charming, attractive senior boy's girlfriend? Is she envied...or pitied? Most importantly, does she have to lose herself in order to be Brad's significant other?

My Review: 
I received Losing Elizabeth by Tanya J. Peterson, from the publisher and this is my honest review.

Losing Elizabeth is about a girl named Elizabeth who is a high school student. She is very successful in school, and is a tennis star. She seems to have everything she could ever want until Brad Evans walked into her life. 

Many of you are probably wondering why it took me so long to finish this book and I’m going to tell you. It’s not because it’s bad but because of the abuse. There was so much abuse physically and mentally from Brad towards Elizabeth that I could only handle so much of it at once. Which is what caused me to be slow while reading. But I assure you the writing is beautiful, and the problem that this book addresses could happen to anyone so writing about it is such a great idea.

I really liked Elizabeth in the end she was funny and smart. She had a lot of friends and a lot going for her. So as you can imagine it was really hard for me to watch her life spiral out of control as it did in the story. Brad was not my type at any point in the book so it was not hard for me to hate him once the abuse started at all. That’s all I have to say about his character I just hated him, which is to be expected.

Elizabeth’s family and friends were also a good support. So many girls go through this and end up seriously injured or even dead because they don’t have anyone around to notice what is happening. Luckily Elizabeth had loyal friends and attentive parents. I liked that a lot about this book. 

This story gets a 5 out of 5 stars because it is informative about this issue that still happens all over the place to many girls every single day and it is very very inspiring. I would love to read anything else by Peterson in the future.

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