15 May 2015

Virtual Book Tour: Clearer In the Night by Rebecca

Clearer In The Night by Rebecca Croteau
Release Date: May 11, 2015
Synopsis: Cait’s still reeling from her father and sister’s deaths when a werewolf bite changes her life forever. Two men seem frighteningly familiar with her condition and the world of magic she’s thrown into. Torn between sweet, too-hot-to-be-true Eli and dark, alluring Wes, Cait must choose sides... before it’s too late. 
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Meet The Author:

Rebecca, Ree to her friends, lives with her family in the wilds of New England. She is owned by two cats, and enjoys discovering the various ways that one can enjoy string. She is fueled by coffee, and strong autumn breezes.
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Guest Post:
*How to you manage being a writer and keeping up to date in your personal
life. How do you find the time to write?*

Holy wow, if that isn't the million dollar question.

It probably helps that I'm ridiculously introverted. Spending days in my
house, seeing no one but my spouse and my kids really doesn't bother me.
If I start to feel lonely in the middle of the day, I'll walk to the
corner store for my mid-day coffee. I'm good for a couple more days. I'm
used to being really sleep deprived.

I'm only halfway kidding.

I miss out on a lot of things that my friends do. I don't go to most
parties, I skip a lot of events, and if I do manage to go, I'm likely to
bring my laptop along with me. I only let myself watch two or three shows
as they air. I have only played two video games through beginning to end
in the past couple years. My family is very tolerant of the fact that if
my laptop or my notebook are out, I am only half listening to anything
they're saying.

That makes it sound like I totally hate what I'm doing, which is horrible;
I'm living the dream here. And everyone finds their own equilibrium with
this. I have writer friends who write at a coffee shop three times a week
so that they can people-watch, and friends who get out even less than I
do. It's all about what works for you. Right now, I'm typing this out
while my kids watch an old Sesame Street episode from the 70s, and I can't
imagine changing one single thing.

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