23 September 2011

Review Audrey Wait By: Robbin Benway

Audrey, Wait!Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**Spoiler Alert** So i have to admit this book threw me through loops!! I loved the whole idea of the plot though. She breaks up with her boyfriend then he writes a song about her and they both become famous! That's crazy right there but i'm telling you guys right now i would never want that to happen to me i wouldn't be able to handle the attention. So my favorite character changed a couple of times. At first it was Audrey for having the courage to break up with someone who wasn't making her happy, because i never had that courage. Then my favorite was Victoria for being an awesome best friend, but when she started going crazy over the free stuff i decided that she wasn't really my favorite. So my new favorite is now James. He was so sweet to Audrey throughout the whole book. I'm sure with everything that was going on any other guy would have left her but he didn't =) When the book first introduced James when Victoria was trying to get Audrey to date him, I knew that they would date they just seemed so good for each other. I love them as a couple!! So anyways i thought this book was so crazy in a good way though. I love a book that doesn't get boring and that always has something going on and this book defiantly has that. I hope you guys enjoyed my review leave comments below!

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