23 September 2011

Review Envy An Empty Coffin Novel (1) By: Gregg Olsen

Envy (Empty Coffin, #1)Envy by Gregg Olsen

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**REALLY BIG SPOILER ALERT!!!** Wow this book was really inspirational. When I started I knew it was a true story but I didn't know how true. Now that I’m done with it I realized how much of it really was true. I really loved this book I couldn't put it down the whole time I was reading it. In the beginning I was so surprised because I just figured she committed suicide because that's what the author made it seem like, but then when the twins Hailey and Taylor started trying to find out what really happened to her I started thinking about the reason that I thought she killed herself. In the first part of the book it said her grandparents weren't going to pay for her college anymore and she ran upstairs crying so I figured that school was really important to her and that's why she killed herself. But then when the twins started finding things out little by little I started to agree that she wouldn't have killed herself. By the last couple chapters of the book when Tegean, Mindee and Starla were explaining what happened I kept saying "OMG OMG!!" Especially when Colton’s mom ran over Moira with the car. I was like where did that come from???? But she did the right thing because I could guarantee that Moira was going to right a nasty story about the twins. And I have to agree at first I did suspect Jake to because he just seemed no good, but he really didn't do it. I'm glad that we got to find out the whole story in the end on what actually happened to kaitlen. I felt so bad for Tegean though I almost cried when he was talking about the way his mother and sister treated him, and then I almost cried again during the part when he was in Kaitlin’s room and he was saying that he was the person she'd been messaging I felt so bad because he was so young and im sure he probably did really like her. Anyway in the end this was a really great book and I’m very glad I picked it up.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it! It was a very exciting book, and I was also surprised with how it turned out.

  2. I don't think I was terribly surprised by anything that happened. I never thought she killed herself because of how it happened. That just seemed a little too crazy. But I was thinking it was murder. How it ended was sort of how I guessed but I didn't figure out all the details. I did figure Teagan was involved somehow though. The whole cyber stalking thing was so infuriating though! People are so insensitive :(


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