17 September 2011

Review Uglies By: Scott Westerfeld

Uglies (Uglies, #1)Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So as for my very first Dystopian book I give this 5 Stars! I loved it! It was a bit slow at first but it started getting better and better with every page which was awesome. My favorite characters where Tally & David. I loved there little romance and I really hope that If she turns pretty like she planned to in the end that David rescues and has his mom cure her, because I love them as a couple they fit together so perfectly it seems. As they say opposites attract =) At first when Tally found out she had to be a spy to become pretty I was so on board with the whole thing because I wanted her to be able to be with her parents and Peris. But then when she got there and we met David I did a complete 180 and I wanted her to stay in the smoke and not betray them which is why I was glad when they kissed and she decided to burn her locket. I was so confused by the next chapter when the invasion happened I was like WHAT!! SHE DESTROYED IT HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!! I tried thinking back to when she first arrived at the smoke to see if like any clues were there as to how it happened, but then I read when Dr. Cable said if it got destroyed we'd come get you and that made my heart sink because I knew then that it was Tally's fault, even though she didn't mean too. I was so excited when she crawled into the cave and David was there it was like a total miracle =) Hmm what else is there to say.. Knowing me I thought that I would be all upset because Tally & Shay weren't friends anymore because Shay figured everything out but I didn't really care much. I was much more intrigued with David & Tally’s relationship then I was with her and Shays friendship. That might sound bad but it's how I felt! Well I hope you enjoyed my review pretty please and thank you if you do leave your comments below =)

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