20 January 2012

ARC Review Fracture By: Megan Miranda

FractureFracture by Megan Miranda

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! I'm only 15 and i'm pretty sure i just had my first heart attack. Well not exactly my first because this book gave me many! To start off i'd just like to say i really liked the book and i couldn't put it down but man did it hurt. I'm the kind of reader that feels the pain of every character. There was so much pain in this book and i felt every bit of it. Megan Miranda i have to say is a fantastic writer because i only cry over a few books and this book broke me down to tears a few times.

At first i wasn't exactly sure like what kind of plot the book would have but I'm glad that she wasn't in the hospital in a coma the whole time because that would of just been really boring. Delany was a really strong character i mean come on she survived falling through the ice into a lake and she was under for 11 minutes!! That's a miracle right there! But she stayed incredibly strong throughout the whole book even when she thought she couldn't handle it anymore because she couldn't figure out what was wrong with her she was still strong and made it through!

Now there a three guys in this book that at times i loved at times i wanted to just kill and times i just wanted them to shut up and kiss Delany! First there's Mr. Hero Decker. Now I'm just saying i wanted Decker and Delany to be together from the start and i didn't change my mind fully throughout the whole book. I might have had some stray thoughts and moments where i just wanted to punch him in the face but i knew that he was the only one for her no matter what. Troy i did like him even though i didn't want them to be together partly because i wanted her to be with Decker and partly because Troy is just plan crazy i mean look what he does at the end! There were times when i said to myself it's okay he's just helping he's being a good guy and then there were times where i just felt like going into the book and pushing him in the lake myself. Lastly theres Carson =( Now in the beginning chapters he doesn't seem like much but people seriously pay attention to him while you read because before you know it he'll be gone and you'll be missing him. What happened to him i won't say because it's a spoiler but i have to say but that one part got a lot of tears out of me.

Now on to the few girls in the story Delany's mom. I'm not quite sure if i really liked her just because she didn't seem to be all there i mean yeah i know you're parents were horrible and you almost lost your daughter but jeez i felt like she was just plan mean sometimes like when Delany dropped the sauce on the floor she freaked out on her and i felt so bad it was an accident =/ Next theres Kara may i just clarify this now I HATE HER!!!! thats all i have to say. Lastly Janna she was a really good friend to Delany the whole book and even though she kind of lost it in the end she was still a very good person.

Well i'm really glad i got a chance to read Delany's story and i hope everyone out there does because it's really an amazing story it might not be truly written about someone but it felt real and thats all i need for a book to be good. Which is why i gave this book a solid 5 stars i overlooked the heart attacks because this book how can i say this? I guess it just really touched me and no other book has before. I know cheesy right? I think i've been reading too much!

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  1. I did enjoy this book so much ! Great review!


  2. I really need to read this one soon - it looks so great!

  3. I'm glad you liked this one! I want to read it soon.

  4. Glad you liked it. As you know I loved it as well :-)

    Safari Poet

    Have you read the short story from Decker's POV?


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