22 January 2012

No Internet! and Winners!


Wow i have to say i'm dying without internet and i feel like my blog is suffering too. Internet got shut off Tuesday of last week because my dad isnt working so we had to cut back on some things. Those two things were TV and Internet. So here i am sitting in a corner in Barnes and Noble typing this post. I just wanted to say that one of my resolutions this year was to post everyday but since of whats happened i want be able to post everyday for awhile so i'm hoping that none of you will hold that against me. The weekends will now be the only time that i'll be able to post unless i can convince my mom to take me to the library otherwise i wont be able to answer comments or post until Friday-Sunday. So any of you who check out the few posts that have scheduled for this week i will be sure to return the favor as soon as i can.

 Now about a month ago i created my first giveaway and it was a lot of fun i had a good amount of people enter. Friday is the day it ended so i'm here to announce the winner. She has already been emailed and has claimed her price, so congrats to Jude Henderson! She has won my extra copy of Night World No. By: L.J. Smith. Stay tuned because soon enough i'll be having another giveaway for an brand new copy of Crossed By: Ally Condie!


  1. Sorry to hear about your internet!


  2. No Net except on weekends, big drag. I will send some lucky dust your way.


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