27 October 2011

The reason for my new blog name!

Hi guys so yeah i know this is long over due. But i don't have a post for today so i figured i'd fill today's slot and tell you guys why i chose Comfort Books for the new name of my blog. The reason why i chose this name is because books actually do comfort me. You know if people need comforting they go to a friend boyfriend or food. But me?  I go to a book. Why do i do that you ask? Well because a book always has there own problems no matter what they always do, so i'd much rather worry about the books problems then my problems! Now i know that might sound like i'm being a whimp and not facing my problems but i mean come on everybody needs a break from there problems right? About a month ago my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me and instead of eating or leaning on friends i read a couple books and got all my frustrations out. I have to say it actually worked pretty well for me. It's been a month and now i know that he wasn't right and it's good that he's gone. I'm sort of glad everything happened the way it did because i got an amazing new guy out of it =) and i read some freaking amazing books! lol i know weird but that's how my brain works! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this post! If you have any thoughts or your own ways to comfort yourself or anything like that be sure to comment below!!


  1. i agree, books are a great comfort to me, too. it's just that often when something major is frustrating me, i can't focus on the story! i'd rather just stew than ruin my story =)

  2. Cubette: Yeah i see what you mean. For me i can get in the story because if im in a bad enough mood im really excited to jump into the story and forget about everything else.

  3. I think you put that beautifully. A book is a great escape from the everyday problems in real life.


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