21 October 2011

Review True Grime By: Natasha Deen

True GrimeTrue Grime by Natasha Deen

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So this is fantasy book about faeries and all kinds of magical creatures. Usually I don't read those kind of books but at the moment I’m actually reading two. Well technically one because I just finished this one, but it's this one and The Iron King By: Julie Kagawa and I absolutely love it but that is not what this review is about! This review is about the fantabulous book True Grime By: Natasha Deen!

Like I said I didn't know if I was going to like it and the first couple chapters were a bit slow but I think it's because I was reading with a bunch of people around and talking. When I started reading by myself in a quiet place it started getting way better so that’s my theory and I’m keeping it that way. The book was about a Faeries or should I say creature world police force that was trying to recapture a villain who escaped from jail, and they had to go to the human world and be basically apart of the human world to do it. Like they had to go to school make friends things like that. My favorite part about them going to school was how many detentions she got. I loved the way she talked to the teachers and stuff like that. While I was reading I wished I could stand up to teachers like that but I know it would be wrong and disrespectful but I got a kick out of watching well not watching um reading pepper do it.

Now my favorite character's are Pepper and Harley. Yeah, yeah I know those are going to be everybody's favorites but I really like them for many different reasons. I like Pepper because she's strong, I mean come on now if a cop lost their leg? They would be out of work for a lot longer than a couple days am I right? and another reason is because I love how she's so loyal to everybody especially Harley. Usually cops don't get along with their partners and think there annoying but Pepper and Harley? They have a real connection if there's another book in the future I would so suggest there to be a think between the two of them. They would be my favorite couple!! Now on to Harley I love him because he's one of the good guys and I mean good guys with people and relationship wise. When Pepper did things wrong did he freak out yell at her and stop talking to her for awhile? Nope he told her what he thought then said "I'm not mad at you" when he said that I died I don’t know why but I loved it! Also when he was with the Champagne girl I thought oh man he's going to start being a guy and be all over her but he wasn't he was very professional and he stood up for his "little sister" Which I loved!

Overall the book was freaking fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who likes the kind of fantasy stuff, and I recommend it to anyone who doesn't like that too because I didn't like the fantasy stuff until I read this book and now I’m going to start reading more fantasy because this book totally changed my mind! I hope you enjoy my review leave comments below!

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  1. Oh my gosh, you should definitely read more fantasy books! I could probably recommend at least ten on the spot, but The Iron King is one of them for sure! :) I'm glad you're reading it!

    I've never heard of this one before, but it sound SO good! Pepper and Harley seem like amazing characters, and who doesn't love a guy who stands up for his little sister?

    Awesome review, Paige! I'm really glad you liked this one! :)


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