14 October 2011

Review Diary of a Short Life By: Micheal R. Krozer

Diary of a Short LifeDiary of a Short Life by Michael R. Krozer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**Spoiler Alert** So I won this book on the awesome site Goodreads!! and I’d never heard of it before I entered to win in but it sounded like a good book, so I was excited to read it when I got it. At first I was a bit confused about the whole concept of the book like I didn't get what was going on in the first to chapters. But now that I think about it that's probably what the author wanted to happen. As I got farther into the book I started liking looking into her memories, even though they were basically only old memories. I thought it was going to be the kind of book where in the end she get's her memory back and then she goes home and gets together with her family. But then I remembered what the title was "A Diary of a Short Life" I didn't think she was going to die but when I read the epilogue I guess she did you'll have to read it to find out exactly what the epilogue said.

Overall I thought the book was awesome it was interesting. I liked finding out what happened in her past. Now that im finished though I’m really eager to actually find out what her life was like before. I have a feeling that she worked with a group of people and for a living she had to take drugs to make it look like she was dead and then she would come out if it and the only reason why I think that is because in the book when she was let out of the hospital the guy that gave her the envelope said things went wrong and you don't remember me. So I figure that whatever she took when she ended up in the marsh really washed out her brain good that time because she didn't remember a thing. Which for me would be really scary if I woke up naked in the middle of nowhere not remember what my name is or what my previous life was like. I wonder how she died in the end. The title of the book kind of makes it seem like a suicide but I don’t feel like it was just because in the book after she got out of the hospital she seemed relatively happy. But maybe something happened when she left France. Who knows..

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