26 October 2011

Review Matched By: Ally Condie

Matched (Matched, #1)Matched by Ally Condie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**Little Spoiler Alert** Hmm what did I think of Matched? Well for starters this was I think my third Dystopian novel and I loved it!!! The characters were great I loved there personalities and everything like that. If I had to pick my favorite character I would have to say it's Ky even though I don't want him to be with Cassia. (We'll get into that in a minute) Ky is my favorite character because he's so mysterious and I don't really understand him all that well. I find that if I don't understand a character that it draws me to them more because I want to find out more about them. So with Ky you don't really know why he is what he is and you don't really know what happens to his parents other then that they died that part is obvious. I'm hoping to find out more about him in the next book.

Now for the plot, in my In My Mailbox video I said that I thought this was going to be somewhat like Delirium. Yeah I was dead wrong! It was nothing like Delirium which I’m glad about because I really didn't like the ending, which I wont talk about that now go see my review for Delirium if you want to hear about that! Anyways even though I think I rated this one lower I still think it's a way better book then Delirium. I like that Cassia actually as a family and that there aloud to show emotion without being worried that there going to fall in love or be taken away.

My overall favorite part of this book was when Cassia got matched with Xander. I was so excited because she was matched with her best guy friend, which is basically a lot of peoples reality right? You grow up with your childhood guy friend and when you start to get older you start having feelings for them? I think that's how it was for Cassia and Xander that's why I was so excited when they were matched. The one thing that frustrated me about this book was that Cassia falls for Ky (I know SPOILER! but I had to forgive me?) Anyways I was a bit upset because I really believed that her and Xander would be the happiest couple in the world! But then Ky comes along and now Cassia's in love with him. I know there had to be some sort of conflict but part of me wishes it wasn't that. Does anyone else feel the same way? How bout does anyone else feel really bad for Xander? I know I feel really bad for him he seemed so in love with her know he finds out she loves someone else?! That would totally break me! I hope Xander still has a part in the next book! Thanks for reading the review leave comments and links and all that crazy stuff down below! I love everyone who reads and leaves a comment lol!

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  1. omg! another dystopian book? ive got to read this, ive been seeing this everywhere and didnt really paid attention much but now Ive read your review I would really really add this to my tbr list. Thanks.
    If you have time go check out my review AWAKE AT DAWN. Have a good day Paige.


  2. Ky was the only good thing about this book. While I like the idea behind a society that is too perfect yet underneath has all these flaws, the story was just too slow for me. I kept thinking I was going to get some great action out of this one and I never got what I wanted.
    I'm glad you liked this one though.

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by the blog!!!

    Your blog is awesome, and so is this review. New follower, btw.

    I agree, that I feel bad for Xander, but it's just something about forbidden love that made me love Ky w/Cassia so much more. But we did actually agree on a lot of points. I love Ky's mysterious nature as well :)

    Happy Reading,


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