15 May 2012

Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott Review

Summer Boys (Summer Boys, #1)Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott
Publication Date: June 1st 2004
Publisher: Scholastic
Number of Pages: 214
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summer Boys was definitely a fun contemporary read. I loved the whole concept of following three teenage girls on their summer quest for boys. I knew that I would have a favorite but I still fell in love with all three girls (not literarily) but they were such fun characters and I had fun rooting for them to get their guys!

Our main characters are Jamie, Beth, and Ella but there are some side characters to like Kelsi, and Cara. First let’s talk about Jamie because we started the book with her. She doesn’t have her parents there which makes me a little sad for her but it’s not that important her summer guy is Ethan and at first I love them as a couple but as the book went on they went towards the bottom of the list.

At first Beth was at the very bottom but near the end her and her best friend (soon to be summer boy) shot right up to the top and I loved the drama between the two of them. You know how two best friends (guy and girl) fight fight fight but you know there just going to end up making out soon yeah it was like that at the very end. Ella was my second favorite even though she wasn’t a very good sister I still rooted for her to get the guy she wanted =) Kelsi was Ella’s sister and guess what? Kelsi’s summer guy was Peter, and guess who Ella liked? Yep you guessed it Peter! Lastly we have Cara but she wasn’t a very big part to the story she was George’s little crush and as you could tell I hated her like Beth because she was taking George away!

In the end I give it a full 5 stars because I couldn’t stop reading and I was hanging on the edge of my seat the whole time!!

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  1. I loved this one - Hailey Abbott's books are just too much fun.

  2. I like to suck pop sickles bskdjg ):


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