08 May 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Sorry that I didn't have this up sooner guys, I totally forgot to write up a post last night. So I'm whipping up one right now =) It's Tuesday which means it's time for another Teaser Tuesday! created by MizB over at Should Be Reading and what we do is share teasers from the books we're currently reading! Anyone can join in you just have to follow the rules below.

1. Grab your current read.
2. Open to a random page.
3. Share two teasers from somewhere on that page.
4. Make sure you include the Title and Author so we can look up the book if we like it
5. Lastly do not include spoilers!!

This week I have to teasers for you all so I hope you enjoy both of them. Also don't forget to leave me links below to your teasers and I'll come check them out =)

The 58th Keeper by R.G. Bullet

"Uh-oh!" gasped one of the juniors. All of the boys including the tall one pretending to be brave, pressed themselves against the wall.

I'm really enjoying this one so far! I can't wait to finish it =)

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

"Me," Says Burres, "I thought Alex had lost his mind when he told us about his 'great Alaskan Odyssey', as he called it. But he was really excited about it. Couldn't stop talking about the trip."

I'm reading this book for school but it's pretty interesting so I figured I would share a teaser from it! Thanks for stopping by guys =)


  1. the second one sounds interesting, which is not something I thought I would say for a school blog..

  2. OOh interesting. Haven't heard of these books before, so the teases are really nice!

    Here's my Teaser

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Interesting teasers. I'm curious about the first one more than Into the Wild, because I know that story. Nice picks!

    If you'd like, you can check out mine here.

  4. Into the Wild sounds so interesting! I've always wanted to read it and the crazy trip that guy went on. Great teases and thanks for visiting my TT!


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