20 September 2012

Nerve Tour: Review

Hey guys! Today I'm apart of the Nerve by Jeanne Ryan tour hosted by AToMR & YA Bound, too awesome tours sites! I'm so excited to be apart of this tour today because I love loved LOVED! this book. Before I share with you my review here's a little about the book!

Nerve by Jeanne Ryan
Synopsis: A high-stakes online game of dares turns deadly

When Vee is picked to be a player in NERVE, an anonymous game of dares broadcast live online, she discovers that the game knows her. They tempt her with prizes taken from her ThisIsMe page and team her up with the perfect boy, sizzling-hot Ian. At first it's exhilarating--Vee and Ian's fans cheer them on to riskier dares with higher stakes. But the game takes a twisted turn when they're directed to a secret location with five other players for the Grand Prize round. Suddenly they're playing all or nothing, with their lives on the line. Just how far will Vee go before she loses NERVE?

My Review:
I received Nerve from Around The World ARC Tours for an honest review.

Wow Nerve was such an intense read! At first I was a little intimidated because of how big the book was but I flew through the book because it was so good! Anyways Nerve is about a girl named Vee who Is sort of a nobody at her school, and one day she’s really mad at her best friend for “taking” the guy that she had a crush on so she signs up for this game Nerve and what you have to do is film yourself doing dares and you win prizes. Sound pretty cool doesn’t it? I think it does because I loved it!

Vee was a very brave girl to do these dares just to win things like shoes and money. I personally couldn’t of done it because I’m way to shy. One other thing I really liked about Vee is how quickly she got over Mathew who was her first crush in the book. I admire her for that and I really wish I could get over guys and find a new one that fast. It’d be so much easier!

The uniqueness of this book was my favorite thing. Have you ever read a book about a game show having teenagers doing dares to win amazing prices and basically taking over their whole lives? You haven’t figured out why I flew through this book yet? Well don’t worry there’s more.

Ian! What can I say about Ian Jeanne made him sound so awesome! He’s character sounded cute and at first he was like the big brother character but then he and Vee were “something” and it just kept getting better and better!

Well I hope you enjoyed my review of Nerve! I give it a 5 out of 5 by the way!

I hope you all enjoyed my stop on the tour everybody! Have a great day =D

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  1. I so need to read this book :) I don't even care it's a long read - it does sound fantastic!


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