17 June 2013

Paige's Birthday Bash Giveaway

Yes you have heard right today is my 17th birthday! woohoo! :) I cannot believe it I am finally a senior and I will be graduating next year. Then I will be off to pursue my dreams of being a writer! I figured since it is my birthday and I'm almost ready to graduate that I would share one of my short stories with my lovely followers because out of all of them I like this one the best! I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to read the rules and enter my giveaway below.

The Escape 
by Paige Bradish

“Mom!” screamed Candace,
“Mom, what are you doing? Please stop!”
Her mother turned around with an evil smile plastered across her face. “Am I disturbing you sweet daughter?”
Candace frantically looked for a phone she needed help and she needed it fast. Snatching her cell phone off the desk she dialed 911.
“911, what is your emergency?”
“Yes, please help my mom, she--” Candace was cut off by her mother grabbing the phone and slapping her several times in the face.
“How dare you try to call for help. There is nothing wrong I am simply discipling my daughter.”
Tears filled Candace’s eyes, “Mom you just completely trashed my room! All my books are dirty and bent, you cut up all my clothes. Even my glasses are smashed, You need help!”
Three hours earlier...
“My name is Candace.” she said sweeping her dark brown hair out of her clear brown eyes.
“and my mother is Schizophrenic...” Every time she admitted this to people her blood ran cold. She nervously glanced around as though her mother was going to jump out and attack her. But she knew that she was safe in the circle that was her support group.
“Very good Candace, we’ll come back to you.” The instructor continued to go around the room until everyone had shared why they were here, then it came back to her.
“Candace, how long have you known about your mother’s illness?” Stuttering a tad bit Candace answered.
“S-since, um I.. i’ve known since I was 13..” she answered rubbing her thin arms like she was cold, but really it was her nerves showing.
“Well as you already know we are here for you. You are safe here, you can say anything you need to.” Suddenly feeling a sense of protection she started to talk, only stopping when she was sobbing so much it was impossible to continue. Relief flowed through her body, now people knew her story. They knew that her father had left when she was young causing her mother’s illness to come on full force. They knew she had been suffering alone with her mother since the age of 13. They knew it was not her fault.
An hour later Candace was sitting on a bench outside of the miniscule church waiting for her boyfriend Wesley to pick her up and bring her home. Even though she hated being there she needed to check on her mother once in awhile. Startled by a loud horn she looked up as Wesley pulled up to the curb. Jumping out of the car he walked quickly over to her and knelt in front of her.
“Hey sweetness how’d it go?” Taking her hand and pulling her gently to her feet Wesley lead her to the passenger side of his beat up old suburban.
“It was okay, not bad for my first meeting, I was kinda scared to say anything though at first.” Wrapping her in one of his big bear hugs that she loved so much, Wesley waited for more but when she said nothing else he looked down at her.
“Well, you know if they allowed me I would have been right next to you the whole time. This isn’t a forever thing baby, I promise. The group is just to help you through this until we graduate and I can get you out of that hellhole.” Candace clung to him like he was going to disappear any second.
“I know and I love you for it, you are my hero you know that?” She hesitantly let go of him and climbed carefully into the front seat. Before she knew it they were in front of her old, light yellow home that looked as if it had been abandoned for years. Wesley gazed at Candace with worry in his eyes.
“I hate to leave you but I have to get to work babe. I’ll be back to pick you up for dinner after work around like 6:30 okay?” She nodded tearing her eyes away from her house to give Wesley a small smile showing him she would be okay. Starting to get out of the car Wesley reached for her hand. Squeezing it he whispered,
“Candace? I love you..” She squeezed his hand back and looked at him this time a real bright smile was displayed across her lips.
“I love you too.” she said letting go of his hand then leaning over to kiss him quickly, she got out of the car walked up her short driveway and disappeared into the house.
Wesley watched her go, he watched the way she walked. He watched her long hair flow in the wind. He sat for a few minutes wishing he could put her back into the car and just drive until they were far away. But he had to be patient that day would come sooner than he thought.
Candace was locked in the bathroom clutching her cell phone praying her mother would calm down and go to bed, but she knew that would never happen. She could still hear her throwing stuff around and muttering.
“How dare she try to call for help! and right in front of me too. I swear that girl she’s just asking to get--” Her mother must have moved out of earshot because Candace could not make out her words anymore.
Candace knew she had to call the cops but something deep down inside stopped her. This was her mother. The person who had always taken care of her. It was not her fault she was sick. Leaning her head back against the sink she started to smell smoke. Bolting from the bathroom she froze in the doorway of her bedroom which was engulfed in flames. Her mother was nowhere to be seen. Stumbling to the front door, Candace took off down the block until she was far enough away from her house then she dialed 911.
“911. What is your emergency?”
“My mom! she’s schizophrenic, and she lost control she’s burning my room right now. Please hurry before she burns the entire house and herself with it.”
“Okay Ma’am what is your name and where are you?” Candace blurted out her name, and address, then told them she would not be there. She had to get out before her mother killed her like she threatened many times before.
Hanging up with the police, she called Wesley.
“Listen I know you’re at work.. But my mom, she just lit my room on fire and I had to get out. I called 911, and now I’m a few blocks away. I need you to come get me.” Suddenly she heard a sick crack like somebody punching cement, and the sound of Wesley whimpering a little.
“Wesley? What did you just do?” Tears started pouring down her face.
“Nothing I’m fine I’ll be there in five, I love you.” he breathed into the phone.
“I love you too Wesley..”
An Hour Later..
Candace woke up in what she knew was Wesleys bed just by the scent of it. She wasn’t sure how she got here but she figured she had fallen asleep in the car when he picked her up and this is where he brought her. Rolling over she grasped her cell phone. There were a zillion missed calls, and a voicemail probably from the police department. Holding the phone to her ear she listened carefully.
Hello Candace,
This is the California Police Department. We have your mother in custody as of now. We arrived in time to save her and your house which is still standing. We are going to have her admitted to the psych ward over at the local hospital where she will stay until she can be evaluated. For now I advise you to stay away.. Stay somewhere safe. Your mother can’t hurt you anymore..

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Okay are you guys excited to know what the giveaway is?! One lucky commenter will get a book of their choice from Amazon as long as it is under $15. How do you enter you ask? Well I'm going to tell you! 
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  1. Wow, what a powerful story, Paige! Candace sounds like she's dealing with a lot at such a young age - I'm glad she has Wesley to support her. I love how you started off the story with a bang - it was very exciting and really drew the reader in. Thanks for sharing this and Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Paige! And 5 smashing glittering STARS! This was great story-telling! LOVED IT!
    Cheers, Thomas

  3. High drama! Compelling read, Paige. And Happy Birthday.

  4. Hi! Great story! I think you should add more feelings to it, for me, it's what I love most about short stories like this, the emotional shock. But I enjoyed reading it. Wesley is really sweet and Candance is a strong character.

    following your blog now ;)
    dark_gothic_angel_tr (at) hotmail.com

  5. Nicely done, Paige!

    I feel like there's more. Was this just a segment? I feel like there are more background story details that are missing, just a sense I get as a reader.

  6. Hello Paige :)
    I like how your story started with the present and then goes back three hours to explain what lead up to the present. I love stories that start like that because I can guess what lead up to that moment and then continue reading.I think it was well written in the way that the story can end here or more can be written.

    GFC follower pinkflower
    Twitter @pinkflower636
    FB allie liang

    iheartmemorethanyou at yahoo dot com

  7. Having been in similar situations, I immediately connected with Candace. I enjoyed this story and am hoping there is more to come. I'd love to hear more about her life with her mother!

    GFC: Tiffany Drew
    Twitter: @enterthedrew
    FB: Tiffany Drew


  8. Interesting. I like how you switched back to explain what is happening.


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