12 June 2013

Review: You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis

You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Release Date: September 13, 2011
Book Format: ARC
Number of Pages: 304
My Rating: 5 out of 5
Synopsis:  It's been a year since Luna's mother, the fashion-model wife of a successful film director, was hit and killed by a taxi in New York's East Village. Luna, her father, and her little brother, Tile, are still struggling with grief.
   When Luna goes to clean out her mother's old studio, she's stunned to find her mom's cell phone there—charged and holding seven unheard messages. As Luna begins to listen to them, she learns more about her mother's life than she ever wanted to know . . . and she comes to realize that the tidy tale she's been told about her mother's death may not be the whole truth.

My Review:
I bought You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis with my buzz bucks from Random Buzzers last year and this is my honest review.

You Have Seven Messages pulled me in from the start. Something about a 15 year old girl being grown up enough to be able to handle her mother’s death and then finding out more about what was happening to her parents marriage and what happened to her mother in depth just delights me. In this story we meet well to be honest I can’t even remember her real name because she has so many nicknames but the two nicknames that were used the most are Moon and Luna. I’m going to go with Moon. Anyways we meet her and she is very upbeat and outgoing which I like. 

To be completely honest I loved most of the characters in this book but my absolute favorite was Moon’s little brother Tile (great name by the way) But anyways he was the cutest thing ever practically glued to his sisters hip he was a very supportive and smart little boy I could not get enough of his character. Another character was Moon’s dad she had a few problems with him in the book but it was not something that could not be fixed! I loved the relationship she shared with her father I find myself envying her for that.

Throughout the book Moon met some very interesting people like Daria who helped her to “fame” and also liked to be naked a lot (haha) no i’m serious she was caught naked a few times in the book! But anyways I enjoyed Daria’s character because she almost acted like a mother figure to Moon when hers couldn’t be there I thought it was sweet. We cannot forget about the mysterious Oliver whom I was unsure about at first but Lewis definitely made me fall head over heals for him twice and if you read the book you will understand why I had to fall for him twice! 

I loved the suspense of this book every chapter basically Moon was discovering a new clue either about her mothers death or her parents marriage. Some of the clues were hard to process because as the book went on my heart totally went out to Moon, it was almost as if I was experiencing the hurt right along with her. Overall this book gets a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. This book did no wrong in my eyes.

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  1. What a fantastic review! I've been curious about this book for a long time now and I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it so much! Even more so, since it's a book you picked for the TBR challenge, wooot! :) Can't wait to grab a copy for myself!

    Evie @Bookish


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