15 February 2014

Undying Tour: Review + Giveaway

Undying by Valerie Grosjean
Release Date: September 29, 2013
Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult, Zombies
Synopsis: This is a story of love . . . and zombies.

When eighteen-year-old college freshman Christian discovers his dormitory is crawling with the living dead, he knows he has a problem. But once he learns the whole country is overrun by the flesh-eating horde, he must race to protect what matters to him most.

Sixteen-year-old Iris, the girl he loves, is stranded eighty miles away, alone and completely unaware of the gruesome threat surrounding her.

Christian’s plan is to evade the zombies, drive the distance to rescue Iris, and get them both to his family farm—where there are guns, fuel, and everything else they’ll need to survive. His mission seems simple: Get the girl, get to the farm, and stay alive.

Things get complicated when Christian is forced to make an unthinkable choice between Iris and his family. Someone he loves must die, and he must decide.

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Meet The Author:

Valerie Grosjean is the author of the young adult novel UNDYING. She grew up on a Nebraska farm. After college, she married and moved to Northern California, where she lives with her husband and their two young children. Her obsession with zombie movies inspired UNDYING, her first novel and the beginning of the Undying series.

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My Review:
I received Undying by Valerie Grosjean for a blog tour and this is my honest review.

Lately zombie books have been so huge that I actually have been putting off reading them because they’ve all been the same. Characters fighting off zombies and then theres some sort of crappy love combination. But Undying by Valerie Grosjean is unique and I loved reading it. The main thing that makes this book unique is because the love came before the zombies, and it is not instant love either. Usually like I said there are characters and the zombie apocalypse or something comes along, and then people fall in love. But the love before the apocalypse makes the book 10X better then other zombie books.

In this novel the main character Christian is a college student who is in love with a girl named Iris. He met Iris in high school when he was a senior and she was a freshman. The only thing is that Christian has not told Iris that he is in love with her. He plans to when he goes home for a weekend, but before he has the chance to the zombie apocalypse begins.

I liked Christian a lot because he was strong, and he kept a good head on his shoulders even when people were dropping dead all around him. Another reason why I say he is strong is because in the beginning Christian and his roommate did not even know what was going down. They had no clue that zombies even existed, and they did not believe that they existed either. Eventually Christian caught on and he made keeping himself safe, and getting to Iris and his family top priority which I love. He did not freak out when people started eating other people he stayed sane.

One of the things that annoyed me a little bit was that the first half of the book was really drawn out with Christian trying to figure out what was going on, and then realizing he needed to get home. Now if the whole book was like this it would not have annoyed me as much but because the first parts of the book was so drawn out, the ending happened in what seemed like two seconds. The book is pretty small so I think the author could have gotten away with drawing out the ending some more so that it did not seem so rushed.

Overall the book was great I loved the characters and the authors ability to make all of them seem so alive and real in my mind. I actually did not even realize that there was a prequel and a sequel to this book. I wish I had known about the prequel because I would have read that first but its alright I think I am going to read that sooner rather than later. Along with the sequel whenever it comes out!


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