26 March 2015

What is Language to You?

To start off, the actual definition of Language is Communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols. But what is your definition? What is mine? We all have such different minds, so if you asked a sample of people this same question you would get a multitude of answers.

You may want to know where I'm going with this. The big point is that language is the starting point of everything. We cannot talk without language, cannot write without language, and certainly cannot communicate with the world around us without language.

The important thing to know about language is that every culture has their own. Here in NH, the majority of us speak some form of English, but a few towns over in Lawrence, MA the primary language is Spanish, crazy right?

This leads me to talk about my favorite topic of all, BOOKS!

 One of my favorite things about Barnes & Noble, is that not only do they have a plethora of English books to choose from, since the area is primarily English. But there are also pretty good sized language sections to learn new ways to speak from French, and Italian all the way to Mandarin, and Japanese. We also have a huge Spanish books section which includes a smaller versions of all of the sections we have in the store filled with Spanish books.
The reason I love this is because not only do we give people the opportunity to read books in our language of English. We also give them the opportunity to read books in their own language as well. I feel this is important so that it shows how we allow different cultures into our community, and not just our own. I enjoy the fact that everyone feels as though they have a place in this world. That is how it should always be, and should never change. Lastly, another great resource for people wanting to learn a new language or just help them understand something a little better, Translation services like Smartling help provide an opportunity for people to read the same books all over the world in their language.

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