28 August 2011

Review: The City of Bones By: Cassandra Clare

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1)City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So i just finished The City of Bones, and i have to say i fell in love with the plot and the characters! My favorite i'd have to say is probably Jace just because he was so mysterious, and he was the type that like nothing seemed to be able to hurt him. But then by the end of the book Clary could see in his eyes that he was hurting. At first i thought oh it's just going to be one of those books where the two main characters fall in love Blah Blah Blah. But i was very surprised when i found out that Jace & Clary are actually siblings!! Omg i freaked out!! I was reading and then i found out Valentine was Clary's dad, and i was like wow, then i found out he was Jace's dad too which i didn't believe at first but then i realized it was true. So then i thought what's next your going to tell me that Jocelyn is Jace's mother too? I almost died when i found out! I felt so bad for both Jace, and Clary because you could tell how much they were starting to like each other, and then they find out they're brother & sister? That's gotta be tough. But for Jace, he thought that he knew his dad he thought his dad had been killed right in front of him but really his dad was alive, and someone very evil all along. When he started showing anger towards Jocelyn for abandoning him i was like "Oh! somebody better tell him she thought he was dead right now!!!" I was extremely excited when Clary finally told him, and he started to see the evil in his father. The poor guy, i'm surprised he didn't break down and cry. I would've but after reading the book you know Jace is a really strong character!! Now we all know that Clary isn't the only one who loves Jace. Did anyone else see that coming? Alec being gay, usually i would of but since Alec was all rude, and jerkish to Clary it never crossed my mind, but then i thought about gay guys are going to be nice unless! your trying to take their men! I'm not saying Clary was trying to take Jace from anyone but you could tell there was something there between Jace, and Clary. So i could see how that would hurt Alec in the long run, I'm very glad they made up in the end though!! Omg i have so much more to say!! when Luke told Clary to never contact him i almost started crying myself imagine how it must have killed her! She grew up with him as her father figure, and then to have him tell her not to talk to him, i wouldn't have been able to handle it. And last but not least Isabelle. She hmm she made me nervous in the beginning i thought oh no! this is going to be a fight over Jace, and Isabelle is going to win and it's going to be a war. So when i found out that they're more like brother and sister i was relieved because now Clary & Jace could be together. Wrong again looks like nobody can be together in this book! Well in the next books i really hope that Clary & Jace have a good brother & sister relationship. I hope that Clary comes to her senses and figures out she's madly in love with Simon =), and i hope that when and if Clary's mom wakes up that her and Luke can be together like they should have been when they were kids..

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  1. realy good book have you read the next one? you will never gess what happenes in the third on. it is so good me and my friend read it is less then 3 day.



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