09 August 2011

My Book! (So far)

Title: The story of Tom Windlin

Description: A story of a Women who finds her husband dead on their bedroom floor, and she wants and needs for the sake of her children to find out who killed him. She needs to find out if theyre in danger too.

Chapter 1
The Murder
She woke up with blood on her hands... She was scared and confuesed. What was that smell? Blood? Death? Who knows but what ever it was didnt seem right at all. She felt the bed next to her to wake her husband but she couldnt feel him. Which was odd he was always there lying right next to her. Opening her eyes slowly she sat up and looked around for her husband, He was no where. She got up and she felt something wet and sticky on her feet. She looked down and to her horror she was planted directly in a pool of blood, and whose blood was it? her husbands... His lifeless body lay about 2 feet away from her, she screamed a blood curdiling scream that no one could miss. She ran to him and dropped to her knees beside him. No no no she thought, this cannot be happening! she looked up to see the window smashed and bloody fingerprints were on the sides. About two minutes later her son ran in groggy with sleep. "Mom? What happened?" he looked down to see his fathers body on the floor and before she could say another word her son fainted. Silently Sarah started to cry, she dropped her head in her hands and cryed. After about an hour she made herself calm down and called the police. While waiting for the police she picked up her unconsious son and brought him to his bed. About 5 minutes later the cops arrived.

Chapter 2
2 Months Earlier
Sarah and her husband Todd had been married for 12 years. They had 3 sons, and 3 daughters. Jackson their oldest son had just gone to college. Their three daughters Amy, Kara, and Penny were in high school, and their last two sons Sean, and Jake were in middle school. They seemed like a pretty happy family living in Jacksonville, Florida, and yes this was where they got the name for their first son Jackson. Now this family didn't seem out of the ordinary they went to school and work just like everyone else. But Todd didn't want his family to know that in the past he used to be the partying type when he was 18 he accidently got his girlfriend of 2 months pregnant. The reason he didnt want his family to know especially his wife was because he didn't stick around to support the child. Which would have angerd his wife deeply, because she believes you should always be there for a child even if he or she isnt yours. She grew up loving children. Which is why she got a job and a kindergarden, and has a part time job at a daycare. He'd never tried to contact his ex girlfriend though he had sent money from time to time. But in the last month his daughter had tried to contact him many times through letters and emails. She was 21 now and she wanted to know the father who left her while her abusive mother was still pregnant with her. After telling his daughter not to contact him ever again. He started feeling like he was being watched. He started seeing black cars outside his house from time to time. His wife started noticing these black cars too. So one day she decided to confront her husband. She walked inside their bedroom.
"Sweetie, can we talk?"
He smiled sweetly at her, he always loved when she called him sweetie. "Sure" He patted the bed next to him. As she sat down she thought how am i going to say this?
"Okay, have you noticed that there have been black cars sitting outside of our house lately?" she looks at him and notices that all the blood has drained from his face.
"Well Sarah i have noticed this lately".
"So.. is there a reason for this Todd? Are we in any kind of danger?".
He gave her a reasuring smile "of course not baby, we are completely safe, I promise you that". Little did Sarah know her husband was lying to her. He didnt know if they were in danger or not, he was just as scared maybe more as his wife.

Sarah was scared she didnt believe her husband, she was afraid for herself but mostly she was afraid for her kids. Days later Todd started getting phone calls. He wouldnt let her be in the same room with him when he got these phone calls, so either he would excuse himself or he would ask her to step out of the room for a few minutes. So that night while Todd was sleeping she snuck his phone out of his coat pocket. She looked at all his recent phone calls until she came across a number she didnt recognize from another state. Sarah decided to call it, she got an answering machine. The number belonged to a women by the name of Caroline Heckler. Sarah figured this women was her husbands lover. Which hurt her because her and Todd had been getting along really well lately. But what she didnt know was that Caroline was her husbands child from when he was only 18. Sarah planned to confront her husband about what she thought was an affair, but she never got the chance because 2 days later Todd Windlin was dead.


  1. keep on writing girly! you will always find it is the best escape!

  2. Omg i know I've been having so much fun writing this book! Thanks for reading it i really appreciate it!


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