31 August 2011

Review The Gift of Illusion: A Paranormal Thriller By: Richard Brown

The Gift of Illusion: A Paranormal ThrillerThe Gift of Illusion: A Paranormal Thriller by Richard Brown

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So i won this e-book on Sunday. I started reading it Monday morning, and finished it around 8 PM last night. Thar's pretty quick for me considering im a slowish reader. Anyway I really loved this book, and i actually emailed the author telling him i loved it which was awesome. I could not put this book down the whole time i was reading it I could not put it down. When i first found out about the book it was on someone else's blog, and i read the description, and i was like wow this sounds really good. So when i got it i was so excited to read, a couple of times i almost cried there was a couple of sad parts. I'd have to say my favorite character had to be Issac i loved that he had such a tragedy happen to him in the past, and he was still working and he still had like a smart alec tone to the way he talked to some people especially his partner Simmons. I was really sad that he died by the way because he was really starting to do good. But i'd rather him die then Amy, because you know that just would of crushed Issac. A part that really freaked me out was when Issac put the gun to himself. Oh man i knew that he really wasn't going to do it but it still made me nervous that he would. I'm glad that he didn't do it he's a great character, and a really really great dad. I can't wait to read more of Richard Brown's Work!!!

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  1. i havent heard of this book before. i'll have to check it out on goodreads now =) its always cool when you win something too!

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves


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