14 August 2011

So i've decided to put the next to chapters up!

I hope you like this the next two chapters of my book that i've been working on. Give me any and all feedback i worked hard so i'd love to hear what people think!!! Thanks for reading. Remember send me links to anything you want me to read for you i will be happy to!!

Chapter 3
The Start of the Investigation
That afternoon the Windlins had Police and Detectives swarming all over their once happy home, which was now a Crime Scene. They were in their kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room even the kids bedrooms talking to everyone getting as many clues as they could to figure out who murderd Todd Windlin. Sarah was trying to do so many things at once. Console herself and her kids, plus she was being talked to and questioned by Detectives. They asked her questions like "does your husband have any enemies? or has he done anything wrong in the past?" to both of these questions she answerd
"No sir, not that I'm aware of". After finding no answers from Sarah the Police went to the children of Todd to ask the same questions. Detective Sadie was starting to get restless until Todd and Sarahs 16 year old daughter Kara gave him some answers. She showed him the letter that her father carelessly left in his pocket, she found it while she was doing laundry.

The letter said many things, it was quite a long letter but the most important and shocking part was this "I suggest you tell your family that you have a daughter out there "daddy" because i've been watching you and i plan on coming around more often very soon. Your abused daughter Caroline <3".

The Windlin family was shocked and devestated. Sarah immediately started to cry. Her kids were all standing around giving her hug after hug, but she still continued to cry for hours after the Police left and for hours after the sun went down, she still cried...

The cops wonderd if this women who wrote Todd this letter is the killer. It made sense to them he'd abandoned his daughter who was apprently abused while she was growing up so maybe she killed Todd. Sarah cried constantly and only stopped when she was around her kids, and at work. She was trying to find out if Caroline was conceived before or after their marriage. Obviously she wasnt going to find out anytime soon because her husband was dead and she had no idea who this girl who says shes Todds daughter is. His kids are wondering if they have any other brothers and sister out there that they didnt know about and were sharing their dad with.

Chapter 4
The Windlin family was doing their best to hold themselves together. They still went to school and work. Except Jackson who came home from college to be with his family during this time.

Sarah became very depressed and stayed home from work a lot more then she should which is very unusual considering she loves children and both of her jobs are taking care of kids. But she didnt want the little kids to see her break down or anything because thats traumatizing for little children to see the women who takes care of them break down right in front of them. So instead of using her sick days she took one of her much needed vacations.

Her daughters Amy, Kara, and Penny held up a lot better then she did. Their mom always wonders how they delt with their feelings of their dads death because she never really saw them shed a tear except at the funeral. Which was torture for everyone.

Sarahs youngest son Jake who was 11 needed consoling the most he was always saying dont worry daddy will be back soon, not knowing that his daddy wouldnt be back at all. This wasnt one of his little business trips he took all the time. So a few days before the funeral Sarah sat Jake down because she needed to make sure he knew that his daddy wasnt coming back. She broke the news to him very slowly by first explaining what death meant and what it actually was. Then she told him what murder was. That scared him because almost instantly he moved closer and sat in her lap. Tears welled up in her eyes because she didnt want to break her sons heart but she had to, she couldnt let him go on thinking that his dad was still alive because in the end that would hurt him even worse. Sarah held Jake closely took a deep breath then told him everything.

"Jake, buddy im sorry but your dad..." Jake cut her off before she could say anything else. Smiling he said
"Daddy?! hes coming home soon i can feel it!"
Sarah tried her best not to cry but she couldnt control it
"No jake you know how i just told you what murder actually is?"
He shiverd "yes mom". She held him tighter
"well a few weeks ago that is exactly what happened to your dad..". Jake didnt cry right away first he asked some questions.
"Well who would want to kill daddy?"
"I dont know jakey thats what we're trying to find out. Thats why the police have been here a lot lately, because they're trying to find out who did this".
"Does grandma know?" she smiled slightly
"Yes honey grandma knows". Then all at once Jake started crying so much. Sarah felt so horrible because there was nothing she could do but he had to know the truth.

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