15 August 2011

My Review on Glow By: Amy Kathleen Ryan

Wow just wow first I’d like to say this is probably the first review your going to see because again I won this online. You cant actually get it in stores until September 27, 2011. So anyway I really liked this book, and I cant wait to read the next book, but I know I’ll be waiting awhile. I love the characters my favorite would have to be Kieran. At first it was Waverly but at the very end I changed my mind. (literarily the last chapter I changed my mind) But I wont tell you what made me change my mind because well that would ruin the entire book and I sooo wouldn’t do that. So when you've finished reading the book feel free to come ask why I changed my mind incase you don’t already know =) Throughout the whole book I thought Kieran was a very strong character and that hasn’t changed I think now that I’ve finished the book he's even stronger in my eyes. Overall the book is a little strange because its not based on earth much at all which was very interesting to read because you don’t read many books with a setting like that. Anyway I give props to the author Amy Kathleen Ryan. She has a wonderful style of writing and im going to look into reading more of her great books!! I hope you agree.

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