22 October 2011

Review The Iron King By: Julie Kagawa

The Iron King (Iron Fey, #1)The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

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I just finished reading my second full on fantasy, and *Drum Roll* I LOVED IT!!!! I actually won this blog from a giveaway about a month back and I was so excited when I got it to started reading it. It's about a girl named Meghan Chase who get's her brother stolen and then she and her magical best friend have to go rescue him and along the way she finds out a lot about herself. I just thought I give a little bit of what it was about in case you didn't know.

Anyways my favorite part of the book had to be when Meghan looked at herself and realized that she was half them. She had the ears and stuff. It was my favorite part because she started realizing that this was most likely going to be apart of her life now whether she wanted it or not. At first I thought that Oberon was going to be the dad that disappeared. I mean I thought she was going to be like oh my god dad! I haven't seen you in years but it wasn't and I won't tell you why! I'm trying to cut back as best as I can on the spoilers even though I’m pretty sure everybody has already read this book!

Now here's the tough part for me. Meghan & Puck A.K.A Robbie or Meghan and Prince Winter land guy Ash lol. I thought that both of those two couples were so cute even if neither of them were actually couples. In the beginning I thought Puck & Meghan would be together because you know they were best friends and he was always there, but when Puck and Ash were fighting and Puck asked Meghan for a kiss and she kissed him on the cheek.. I knew right there it was never going to happen. I was a little disappointed but I’m okay because I still like the idea of her and Ash being a couple. Even if he wants to kill her lol. My favorite part between her and Ash was when they were resting in the um tube I think it was because Ash was like dying from the metal and then because the rain was ACID?! but yeah that was my favorite part because they hugged and had there arms around each other and had there little heart to heart <3 It was sweet and I loved it.

I'm not sure what I think about the ending yet and I really can't say much because you know it'd be the biggest spoiler of them all! But Meghan still has to hold up her end of the bargain which means she's supposed to let Ash bring her to a certain place! I figured by the end Ash would be madly in love with her and wouldn't turn her over but who knows what's going to happen! My final thoughts are I hope Puck is okay since the last I heard he was sleeping in the tree! He's one of my favorite characters and I would die if he's only going to be in book one. Also my last thought Ash and Meghan better be a serious couple by the end of the second book lol. Thanks to anyone who reads the review and leave comments below! Please and Thank You!

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  1. YAY! I'm so glad you like this one! It's probably one of my favourite faery books ever! I agree that Meghan and Ash were so, so sweet together! And don't worry one bit -- Puck is definitely in the next books! ;)

    Awesome review, Paige! I really hope you like the next two books (now three, thanks to The Iron Knight that just came out!) in the series just as much! :)

  2. I still have to start this series but you and a lot of other people really liked this! btw, I like your blog :)

  3. I've been thinking of reading this, I'll have to check it out. Great review!

  4. I still need to read this series even though I own the first three books!
    I'm glad to see another person who loved this and can't wait to actually read it!


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