03 November 2011

Books I'm Thankful For!!

What's up bloggers? So i wanted to do this post yesterday but i just could not figure out which book i'm most thankful for. So after about a day of thinking i finally decided and here it is!

The Twilight Series! By: Stephanie Meyer. Now i know what your all going to say. OMG! this is so old and so obsessed over by now that it's just annoying but i'm hoping that you'll like my reasoning! So my reason being that The Twilight Series really opened my eyes to the YA genre. It's so true! Twilight was the first YA book that i actually read and after that book all i read was YA YA YA lol and ever since then i've loved these kinds of books. Well to tell you the truth i didn't even read a lot before that and now i can't stop reading ever, i always have my nose in a book no matter what. Well that's my reasoning guys! I hope you enjoyed reading it!!

P.S. This post is for the awesomely awesome contest to win 19 signed books plus extras!! Beth Revis author of Accross The Universe, and A Million Suns. If you want more details about the giveaway click this link----> http://bethrevis.blogspot.com/2011/10/show-gratitude-for-booksand-win-19.html

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  1. i love those books, too! too bad i'm not allowed to read them. my parents have a grudge against vampires/anything teenage society worships. still, those books opened my eyes to the YA section of my library, too ;)

    i think i'll enter that giveaway!


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