02 November 2011

National Novel Writing Month

Whats up people?! So a few weeks ago I decided that i was going to be apart of this awesome writing challenge. But i'm doing it a little differently then the rest of you just because i wanted to use this challenge to develop the book i've been writing a little bit more. So i'm starting at a lot more words then you are just because i've already started. I'm using this challenge to finish my book hopefully! Do you think it's a dumb idea? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks guys!!


  1. i think it's a great idea! can't wait to read your book ;)

    btw, have you been to my writing blog yet? I've already got a couple parts of my latest story up. if you like fantasy, come check it out!

  2. Thanks so much and i had stopped by but i didn't get to read anything yet! I'll definately stop by soon! Thanks for leaving the link!


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