18 December 2011

Review Rian of the Elves: Welcome to The Spire By: Erin Hassinger

Rian of the Elves: Welcome to the SpireRian of the Elves: Welcome to the Spire by Erin Hassinger

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Once again i'm really getting into Fantasy. I never thought i would i thought i would be all about the YA and thats it but it's not it i love Fantasy too! Erin Hassinger did a great job on this book. I absolutely love the plot and the characters! This book is about a normal boy named Sam who one day comes home from school and has to take on this evil creature. He wins and therefore he comes the Noble Rian of the Spire. Now at first i was like huh? What does any of that mean but i'm telling you you'll understand if you read the book and you'll love it!

My two favorite characters were Sam and Justus. Sam was my favorite because he's just so like normal in the book. Like he's not some made up character well he is but the book doesn't make him seem that way. The book makes him seem like any other boy he goes to school but hats it and he lives alone with his dad because his mother died long ago. I also liked how he dealt with discovering this whole new world basically i mean i don't know how i wold have handled that. If i came home from school one day and suddenly had to fight something that could break all my bones with one touch? Let's just say i probably wouldn't be here to write this review right now. Also Sam did pretty good accepting that his father wasn't human. It had to of been crazy for him to believe that his dad was an elf and the most powerful one at that.

Now onto Justus, i don't know but how the book describes him he kind of sounds cute to me. I couldn't say for sure because i've never seen a picture but i'm usually pretty good at picturing what the book says. What i like about Justus is that other then his sister Tru he's like the only Albino Sneeble. Which is pretty cool i like that Erin brought things from the real world like that into a Fantasy book it was really interesting. I was really happy when Justus got chosen as Sam's protector because he was one of my favorite characters from the beginning. I knew he would do good protecting Sam even if he was a little bird sometimes. No matter what Justus was always by Sam's side to protect him unless Sam just completely ran away himself, and to me that sounds like a pretty good protector.

I wish i could talk about all the characters in this book but there's just way way too many! I'll tell you who i also liked though. there's Leo, Laurel, Tru, Aubry, and so many more. I loved Leo because he was a really good friend to Sam i mean who would have almost all of there bones broken for a person you just met not 20 minutes ago? Laurel i liked her because she seemed like the shy but very smart type and thats me all the way so of course i would like someone who's just like me! Tru i thought she was cool because well she's the second out of only two Albino Sneeble's in the entire Spire. Last but not least Aubry i loved him because he was an amazing father even though he was so busy all the time. He still made sure Sam was safe and always had what he needed no matter what. So overall i would say if you like Fantasy especially Elf's then this is the book for you! It's really very entertaining!

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  1. Hi Paige! I just wanted to thank you for reading the book. I've just posted a picture of Justus Sneeble on my blog page, so I hope you stop by to see what he looks like. I really hope he's what you expected.

    That was a great review and I'm so glad you liked the story. Book two is on the way.


    E. Hassinger


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