21 December 2011

YA/MG Fantasy Challenge 2012

Another challenge! I know right? You guys must think i'm crazy but i really want to read a lot of books this year and these challenges really motivate me! So I entered the YA/MG Fantasy Challenge hosted by The Book Celler, because i have a new found love for Fantasy after reading the book True Grime by: Natasha Deen. Ever since i read that book i've been wanting to read so much more fantasy but i haven't been able to! So i'm hoping that this challenge will make me pick up more Fantasy and fall in love with them!!

The rules for this challenge is basically you just have to read 10 YA or MG books! For the full challenge rules and sign ups click on The Book Celler above! I hope you guys join the challenge with me! I didn't write this on my other challenge posts but i would love it if other bloggers that are joining the challenges that i joined would chat with me. You know we could give eachother book ideas for the challenge and talk about how were doing and things like that. Does anyone think thats a good idea? Let me know in the comments! ~Happy Challenging!~


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