31 August 2012

Elizabeth Loraine Tour: Interview

Hey peoples! Today Comfort Books is yes participating in another tour but this time it's hosted by Bewitching Book Tours! This tour is for Katrina The Beginning by Elizabeth Loraine. Today I have an interview for you today but first as always let's check out the book and meet the author!
Katrina The Beginning by Elizabeth Loraine
Synopsis: The High Regent has called members of each royal vampire family to council. Katrina Von Dracek wonders what this will mean to her.

Does the council really intend to start a new covern in the Americans or is there something else?

All Katrina's vampire senses tell her evil is around them and that she will be the one called upon to save them all.

Meet The Author:
I grew up in a small northern Minnesotan town married my high school sweetheart, had two beautiful children and as soon as we could we moved to a warmer climate. I have worked with my husband building and decorating custom homes for years. After loving every kind of vampire book, movie and series I decided that I wanted to know more. I can write a book I thought, how hard can that be? Well.... But I stuck to it and finished my first book Royal Blood Chronicles Book One in August 2009. I now have six books in the series and am about to release book two of my new series Phantom Lives. My parents always told me that I could do anything that I wanted, work hard, study and do it right. I believe that and live that way every day.

I started writing this new vampire series for teens and their moms because I myself wanted something different to read. I was tired of all the modern versions of vampire books, there had to be more to these long lived beings. Where had they been what had they seen? I wanted, no I NEEDED to know more so Royal Blood Chronicles was born! As in Royal Blood Chronicles, Phantom Lives features strong female characters and action and adventure mixed with romance, friendship and a historical backdrop

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Now for the interview!

P:  So vampires, what made you want to write about a vampire?
E: I have been fascinated by them since I was very young, running home to watch Dark Shadows after school. I love reading about them too, Anne Rice started that for me with Interview with a Vampire.
P: Do you have a favorite place to write?
E: I sit with my laptop in my recliner.
P: What's it like writing in such an old time like the 1800's? Is it hard?
E: I had to do research. You can’t have modern things showing up, but I think it’s so much more interesting, romantic and I always wondered what these long lived beings had done back in those days. I wanted to give the reader a new look at why these characters were the way they were coming forward into modern times.
P: What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
E: Have a schedule, a goal and stick to it. Whether it’s so many words a day or just to write every day, it will keep you one track. It’s very hard to keep you brain in a plot if you’re not consistently writing every day.
P: How many books do you plan on being in the Royal Blood Chronicles?
E: I don’t know. I do plan on bringing them through the wars and to modern times. Until I or the readers get bored I guess. I have so many characters and story lines to explore that I want to keep going.
P: Do you like to read as well as write? If so what is your favorite genre to read?
E: Oh I love to read. I don’t have as much time as I used to, but I read YA because I love it.
P: Considering my blog name is "Comfort Books" What is your favorite comfort read?
E: I love any story that pulls you into its world and lets you disappear in it for however long you have to read.
P: How long were your characters in your head before you put them on paper?
E: Not really. I wanted strong female characters, there are so few in the vampire genre.
P: Did you always know you wanted to be an author?
E: No, I never thought it would be possible. But now I feel like it was always what I was meant to do.
P: What can we expect from you in the future?
E: Many more Royal Blood Chronicles. I just finished book two of Lillian a vampire tale. A third book for my Phantom Lives series and I have a new series in mind for next year about shifters called Green River.
I hope you enjoyed this interview Have a great day =)

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting today, I really appreciate it. If any of your many readers have questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

    Elizabeth Loraine


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