15 March 2012

Book Tour FireSeed One By: Catherine Stine

Happy Thursday! Before I get started I'd like to say don't forget to watch Vampire Diaries tonight! So anyways a few months ago I was contacted by Catherine Stine Author of this awesome book and she asked me if i'd like to be apart of her blog tour. I agreed because i love blog  tours and because I knew I was going to enjoy this book. So my part on the tour is to share my review and some quotes that I really loved from the book =)

Here are my quotes

"I lean in as if to whisper in her ear. Instead, I wrap my arms around the small of her back, draw her close and kiss her."

"When she looks over at me there are tears runnind down her face. I mouth the words I love you."

I love these two quotes because well the first one marks their first kiss and I had been waiting for this to happen for the whole book! and I love the second one because it's just plain sweet!

Now for my review!

FireSeed One By: Catherine Stine

Wow I was a little afraid that I wouldn’t end up liking this book but the more that I read the more that I loved it. The book was a little out of my comfort zone being a book about weird plants in the future well that’s not what they book is about but it’s a pretty big part of the story. Now I know what your thinking a book about plants yeah right but it’s so much more then that!

Now for the characters we have the main character Varik (They have some cool names in the future) Varik is an 18 year old who grows up apart of his dads plant business but it’s not just a plant business these plants feed the whole world. Ahh now you see why there so important. Varik’s dad dies and he needs to take over but soon after his dad dies all the crops to feed the world have died and he has to figure out why. Now on his little journey he takes the girl that breaks into his fathers vault Marisa.

Marisa is the enemy at first she is against everything that Varik is about. She is apart of the ZWC which plans to steel some plant seeds so that they can have more food then they’re getting. But their plan goes wrong because even though they steel the discs Marisa still gets caught. Along this journey Varik and Marisa start to warm up to each other. Varik starts to trust her and they start to fall in love. I’m glad they fell in love by the way because opposites definitely attract!

Varik is a strong independent guy who is sensitive but also he’s able to stand up for himself and those he loves. He just wants to help people he never wanted to be apart of his dads business but found himself right in the middle of it because of his fathers death. Marissa the same way doesn’t want to be apart of her fathers business she hates him but the only difference is she gets away goes off and does her own things learns her own lessons which is why her and Varik get together in the end.

Overall I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. It was a beautifully written book and I can’t wait to see more of these characters in future books. I recommend this story to anyone who likes I think Science Fiction and Fantasy! It’ll really make your head spin in a good way!

I hope you guys liked my review and quotes! Below you can find links to the following. Places you can purchase the book, The Facebook page, Goodreads Page, Catherines Blog and The Entire Tour Schedule! Just click on the links below and they'll take you where you need to go. Thanks for stopping by guys =)


  1. Paige, thanks so much, I love this review and the quotes you picked! Yes, opposites attract and the fire and ice romance certainly throws out big sparks.

  2. Good review, and nice quotes you picked there. I read this book and enjoyed it, it took me a while to get into the characters, but I did by the end, and the plot's really clever - and original.


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