21 March 2012

Review Copy Cleanup Mini Challenge #3

Hi guys! So as you all know I signed up to take on the challenge of reading my review books! Which isn't going so well because i've only read one but who cares it's still fun! So anyways this week is Challenge number 3 which is called Don't Be Such A Tease! What your supposed to do is show off one of the books your reading for this challenge! So here is my tease for the challenge!

Clockwise By: Elle Strauss

So I already finished this in the beginning of the month but it was awesome and I want people to be jealous that i got to read it!
This book is about a girl who randomly travels back in time at different points during her days. She doesn't really know what triggers it at first but as the book goes on she starts to know what triggers it. This story contains romance & a lot of suspence i would say. My review will be up next month sometime on my tour date =) Thanks for stopping by!

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