09 August 2012

The Corpse Goddess Tour: Interview

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday I was kind of busy with some family things! Anyways today I am apart of The Corpse Goddess Tour hosted by Bewitching Book Tours. My part on the tour today is an interview with the lovely Kristi Jones! So let's find out a little about the book and meet the author and then I'll share the interview =)
The Corpse Goddess by Kristi Jones
Party girl Meg Highbury wakes up the morning after her twenty-first birthday with one hell of a hangover—and a walking corpse in her apartment. Meg turns to her straight-laced neighbor Armando for help, and together they discover that Meg is a Valkyrie. What’s more, her first duty is to trade places with the corpse. 

But Meg is being sent to her Death Duty too soon. In a race against time, Meg frantically tries to find a loophole to avoid her gruesome fate, but while Meg is determined to live whatever the cost, Armando's strict moral principles keep getting in the way of her plans for escape. 

Can Meg walk the “right” and narrow path, possibly sacrificing her mortal life, for love? And if she can, will Armando have the stomach to love a rotting corpse of a girl who is falling apart in more ways than one?

Meet The Author:
Kristi Jones spent her childhood exploring European castles, crumbling manor houses and ornate cathedrals, always looking for secret passages and hidden rooms.  She holds a degree in European history and loves to throw ‘ordinary’ characters into extraordinary circumstances. 

She currently lives in south Texas with her husband and two children, who inspire her daily.  She is a member of the Writers’ League of Texas and Romance Writers of America.  She loves old movies, being a Mom, the feel of paper in her hands and things that go bump in the night.


P. First I have to ask what is a Valkyrie?
K: Great question! A Valkyrie is a goddess from Nordic mythology. The word Valkyrie means “chooser of the slain”. According to the legends, a Valkyrie would roam battlefields and choose the warriors worthy of Valhalla, a sort of Nirvana for gods and men. 
In The Corpse Goddess, I used bits and pieces of these myths and created a world where Valkyries still roam the earth. My main character Meg Highbury discovers that she’s a Valkyrie. Unfortunately for Meg, these tough Nordic gods have some pretty grueling rules and rites of initiation. 

P: Did you always want to be a writer?
K: Yes, I really did. I actually thought I’d be a history professor and write non-fiction, but a high risk pregnancy interrupted graduate school and I started writing my first novel. I’ve been addicted ever since!

P: As well as writing do you also like to read? If so what types of genres do you read?
K: I’ve always been a voracious reader. I was the kid sneaking a flashlight under the covers to stay up reading late into the night. I read everything. I love horror, romance, paranormal anything, non-fiction, poetry. I just love the written word. It touches my soul.

P: How long were your characters in your head before you put them on paper?
K: Armando actually came to me first. He’s been in my head for a few years. Meg came later and she gave me some trouble because she’s not an instantly sympathetic person. She’s kind of a pain in the ass…she knows it, but it she doesn’t budge. She was fun to write though. Always challenging!

P: What advice can you give other aspiring authors?
K: The biggest piece of advice I can give is just write. If you really want to do it, then turn off the TV, close down Google and immerse yourself in the fantasy. Indulge. It’s lots of fun!
I would also suggest that you stash away the nerves and start asking people to read your work. Being so immersed in our fictional worlds, it’s not always easy to be objective about revision, so find some good beta readers who will tell it like it is. It’s the only way to improve…I’m still on that road and I think the best writers never get off it.

P: Can we expect anything from you in the future?
K: I have a writing to-do list a mile long! Right now I’m finishing up Double Back, a YA novel that my son just loves about a girl who has the genetic ability to travel back in time. I’m also working on a book titled An Inconvenient Ghost. I’m hoping to finish up book two of The Corpse Goddess by the spring. (P: EKKKK I love time travel!!)

*Speed Round*

P: Sneakers or Flip Flops?
K: Flip Flops 
P: Caramel or Chocolate?
K: Chocolate…I say again, CHOCOLATE!
P: Pepsi or Coke?
K: Coke, always
P: Pens or Pencils?
K: Both!
P: Paper or Laptop?
K: Laptop for rough drafts, paper for revision

Thanks so much for being here on the blog today Kristi! I'd love to have you back on in the future! If you want to check out the rest of the tour click here. (P.S. There's a tour wide giveaway down below!)

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  1. You had me with the first sentence of the book blurb. Wow, gotta get a copy.

  2. Thanks so much for having me, Paige! I'll be thinking of you while I finish up this time travel story! :)


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