29 April 2012


I'm planning on reading lot's of great books this month and I'm really hoping I can get to all of them! Well I'm being lazy today because it's the last day before I'm back to school so I'm not going to write the title below but watch the video and you'll find out what they are! Thanks for stopping by and leave me links to any of your TBR posts!


  1. Ooh lots of books I want to read in here too! If I stay and Maze Runner I've been meaning to read for EVER!!!


    I want to read that one!

  3. I have not read James Dashner's series yet either. If I Stay is awesome :)

    PS. Since your dying to read Insurgent would you like to borrow my copy? I've already finished it so I would be glad to loan it to you! Just email me (you have me email right? If not it's in my review policy on my blog.)

  4. Johnny was in love with the entire Maze Runner series so I really hope you enjoy it.

    Looks like you have several great beginnings of series picked out. Lol if I went through my shelves to pull out first in a series that I needed to read still I would be reading from now till the end of the year!

    Happy reading!

  5. Good luck! Looks like an awsome TBR pile :)


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