23 April 2012

Review The Fault In Our Stars By: John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Publisher: Dutton Books
Publication Date: January 10, 2012
Number of Pages: 313
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well I just finished the book and I don't think I'm quite ready to write a review yet but I'm going to go for it anyways because I don't want to forget anything. The Fault In Our Stars is a story about a girl named Hazel who has Lung cancer I'm pretty sure it is. Well she goes to a support group for cancer patients. This support group is where she meets the love of her life Augustus Waters. Now normally I don't fall for guys in books right away and if i do I don't stay in love with them but this boy I fell for and didn't lost the feeling throughout the whole book. This book I swear was so amazing and heartbreaking. Near the end I didn't want to keep reading i had to keep putting it down to compose myself and not because it was bad but because it was so sad.

Hazel has had cancer most of her life and she knows she is dying. She doesn't know when she'll die because she has her good days and then her bad but she knows she will at some point. She is such an inspirational character all the way because she's so strong even when her life was fading away. She decides to let Augustus into her life because she knows that he loves her and that she loves in.

Augustus is a very smart, and also inspiring young man. He also got cancer when he was very young and he lost his leg. Luckily though when we met him he was cancer free. He fell for Hazel as soon as he laid eyes on her which mad me fall for him. He knew that at the time she would probably die first but he accepted it and he was there for her until he couldn't be anymore.

The two of them loved this book so much that ended randomly and they wanted to find out what happened. Together Hazel & Gus tracked down this author, using Gus's cancer wish and they fly to visit him for answers. I won't tell you what happened on that trip because of spillers but I will say jus before they left Hazel got some very bad news but in the end the two of them dealt with it together as best they could until they couldn't any longer. They were both very strong up until the end.

I give this inspirational story 5 out of 5 stars because it kept you turning pages until you couldn't anymore. It reached out and grabbed you before you even finished the first sentence of the first page. I must say i'm extremely glad that The Fault In Our Stars was my pick for my first John Green book. I hope to read more by him in the very near future.

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  1. Great review Paige! I may have to check this one out :)

  2. Excellent review..this sounds like a touching tale!

  3. Glad you loved this one too .. This book totall deserves 5 stars .. It is both funny and moving !! Great review Paige :)


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